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3 Ways To Package Coffee & Tea

Make sure your coffee beans maintain their wonderfully deep roasted flavors by packaging them correctly. Let us walk you through the best coffee packaging ways to keep your beans and grinds fresh here!

coffee packaging

Common Packaging Mistakes

When you’re packing delicate items like coffee beans, prioritize freshness! Coffee beans are sensitive to light, heat, moisture, and air. They should be kept at room temperature in containers that are opaque and air-tight. Too often, we see beautifully roasted coffee beans ruined by poor packaging. Here are a few packaging mistakes to avoid.

Coffee Packaging No-No’s

  • Clear, Glass Containers: While they can be beautiful display pieces, glass containers can expose your bean to extreme light and heat. These elements can compromise the integrity and overall taste of your coffee bean.
  • Open Air Containers: Open containers leave your coffee beans exposed to the elements and vulnerable to oxidation. To elongate the life span of your bean and protect the scent and flavor of your coffee, keep your coffee beans covered and stored in a cool, dry space.

What You Should Be Using To Store Your Coffee Or Tea

Go For The Classic: Tin Tie Top

A favorite among grocery stores, delis, and retail spaces, tin tie bags are a true classic. Tin tie bags are characterized by their flexible, tie top that allows you to open and close your bag easily. They also have gusset sides which expand for maximum storage space, and a flat bottom, which allows them to stand upright.

Often available in bulk, they are best loved for being a quick and easy storage option for coffee or tea. When you’re looking for an economical storage solution for your coffee beans, consider tin tie bags with a food safe liner.

coffee packaging

Here Are A Few Popular Tin Tie Bags

Package Boutique: Lined Containers

When stored with a food-safe lining, metal containers can be a great boutique storage option for coffee beans and tea. Their solid or opaque exterior offer ample protection from sunlight and they are often offered in a simple, two-piece lid and container design. The separate lid gives customers the opportunity to easily open and close their coffee packaging. 

coffee packaging

Everyone Loves These Containers

Try A Modern Look: Pouches

Stand-up pouches are a new favorite among coffee purveyors and customers. Like tin tie bags, they are often available in bulk and have the ability to stand upright and unsupported. 

One of the main differences between pouches and the classic tin tie bag is their sleek, signature pouch shape and their unique, heat-sealable zip top. Heat-sealable tops help keep an airtight seal on your coffee beans until opened. They are also a visual signal to your customers that the contents of their packages are fresh and untampered with. Once the heat seal has been opened, customers have the ability to easily open and close their pouches using the secure, zip feature.

coffee packaging

Upgrade Your Coffee Packaging With These Sleek Pouches

FYI: If you want to guarantee freshness to your customers, consider a quick heat seal! Shop this handheld bag sealer here.


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    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart September 30, 2019

      Hi Al Ali! Thanks for your interest in our coffee bags! Our team would love to help. Please contact us directly at 800.745.8800, ext. 2.

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