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Paper Mart Employee Appreciation Day 2020

Holidays like Employee Appreciation Day remind us of the community and positive company culture that has defined Paper Mart for 99 years. This year offered us another opportunity to show our team how much we care while still practicing our celebrations safely. Here’s how we did it!

Celebrating Our Paper Mart Family Safely

When planning our festivities, we worked with local Southern California favorites, In-N-Out Burger and Oahu Shaved Ice to create an outdoor dining environment compliant with current regulations.

To help maintain and encourage social distancing, we used our floor marking tape to help identify a safe space for our team members to stand in line while waiting to order. Our dining tables were also spaced further apart so meals could be enjoyed comfortably.

We also encouraged contact-free cleanup measures by providing garbage and recycling bins outside so trash is disposed of safely and efficiently.

Finally, we asked all of our team members to wear protective face coverings and practice healthy hygiene by utilizing our hand sanitation stations as well as soap and water.

Thankful For Family

As a 4th generation owned and operated family business, we value each and every one of our team members. The hard work and dedication that they bring to the table is incredible. 

Interested in joining the Paper Mart team? Click here to visit our careers page

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  1. JAG August 29, 2020

    Great work for all you do for your employees.

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