Dazzling Iridescent Party Ideas

If it were up to us, every day would be an iridescent party. There would be dreamy decor, glamorous tablescapes, and magically wrapped party favors. We would invite all of our fellow unicorns, cute kitty friends, and party until the sun sets.

iridescent party

Sounds like a candy-coated dream right? Lucky for us, we’ve made the dream a reality! We picked out our favorite iridescent and shiny metallic party supplies for your next ultra-glamorous every day, birthday, New Year’s Eve, and bachelorette celebration.


Dreamy Decorations

When it comes to mesmerizing decor choices we went bold, sparkly, and easy with a shiny ribbon backdrop and iridescent dipped balloons.

iridescent party

Iridescent Dipped Balloons

What is a party without a high-shine disco ball accessory? We got inspired by the shine and shape of the reflective party decor piece and made our own (one that is easier to make in bulk, and cost-effective). We simply inflated balloons, coated with a little bit of glue and heavily embellished with large grain glitter.


Glamorous Tablescape

Keep the high-shine theme going with tableware! Here, we decided to match our bubbly drinks with high shine silver disposable glasses and quick-craft, sparkly paper straw flags.

iridescent party

2-Minute Sparkly Paper Straw Flags

Beautiful to behold and functional. Paper straw flags are great because they’re a smart way for your guests to identify their drinks. To create these flags, we simply picked some patterned washi tape, trimmed approximately 1” and wrapped it around our candy-striped paper straw!


Magically Wrapped Party Favors

iridescent party

Wrap your party favors with a layer of magical glam. Here, we used a roll of iridescent cellophane. We love this wrap because it’s slightly translucent, has an iridescent finish, and because it’s a roll, it can be cut to whatever shape or size we need.


Dainty & Delicate Thank-You Cards

iridescent party

Here we used strips of shimmery washi tape to dress up our thank you cards. To achieve a colorful look, simply mix and match your favorite shades of washi tape. For these cards, we surrounded our “Thank you!” with Bright Colors Washi Tape and Purple Glitter Washi Tape Set.

There you have it! With just a few beautifully chosen colorful details, a little bit of sparkly fairy dust, and some bold pattern choices, your iridescent party is complete. Now go have fun, and don’t forget to show us your photos #mypapermart. Loved these ideas? Stay tuned to our blog all year long for more DIY party decor ideas, craft videos, product features and more!

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