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Shrink Basket Bag Tool

what size shrink wrap should I use?

At Paper Mart, we pride ourselves on our vast inventory, our commitment to fair pricing, and our helpful tools that our customers have come to rely on. If you find yourself in the market for high quality shrink wrap bags, Paper Mart is here to help!

Not only do we offer a wide variety of shrink bags—each one built to protect the integrity of your books, gift baskets and more—but we also have an easy guide to shrink bag calculations that will help you find the perfect shrink bag for your needs. Read on to learn how to calculate the bag size you need for your next project.

Easy Directions, Clear Results

Some packaging supply stores may confuse you with their inventory logs and have you wondering, What size shrink wrap do I need?” At Paper Mart, we strive to give our customers the tools they need to make the right decision.

With our shrink basket tool, there’s absolutely no guesswork involved; all you have to do is follow the directions included in the calculator!

To measure your package, simply cut a length of string and use it to measure around your product’s widest point—both width and length wise. Once you put both measurements into our calculator and click the button, your preferred bag size will pop up in red text. You can use that information to place your order!

Plenty of Shrink Bags to Choose From

shrink wrap

When you invest in the high clarity, 100-gauge PVC shrink film bags from Paper Mart, you’ll never have to choose between protecting your products and displaying them. Whether you’re looking for flat shrink bags to preserve books, magazines, and postcards or dome shrink bags that will protect your fruit and gift baskets during shipping, we have all of your needs covered.

Simply browse through our selection with your calculated bag size in mind, and pick the option that best suits what size shrink wrap you need. If the exact size recommended is not available, simply choose the next largest bag for an easy substitute.

The Shrinking Process

While there are plenty of video tutorials demonstrating how to shrink wrap a gift basket with cellophane, you can always expect a much higher quality product with our shrink wrap bags. However, when it comes to the shrinking process, our shrink film bags work in much the same way that normal cellophane does.

All you need for a successful application is a heat source. While a hair dryer is adequate, a professional heat gun is preferred. When heated to 250° Fahrenheit, our flat shrink bags will shrink up to 40%! Additionally, our dome shrink bags will shrink up to 30% along their width and 50% along their length.

what size shrink wrap do I need?

Try It Out for Yourself Today!

Remember that if you ever find yourself worrying over what size shrink wrap you need to protect your products, there is an easy way to figure it out. At Paper Mart, we’re dedicated to helping you with all of your packaging needs. Try our shrink bag calculating tool for yourself today!

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