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S’Mores Party Favor Bags

S'Mores Favor BagsLearn How to Make S’Mores Party Favor Bags

S’mores and summertime go hand in hand like sunshine and beach days. This delicious treat loved by many is a staple when it comes to camping and being outdoors. However, if you’re planning on hosting friends or family for a little summer barbecue, s’mores party favor bags make for the perfect party treat. Preparing these ahead of time is a fun and easy project and is sure to add a special touch to your evening.


Here is what you’ll need to make s’mores party favor bags:

Supplies and Ingredients: 


S'Mores Favor BagsFirst, you will need to fill the goodie bags with all of the ingredients someone would need to make a couple smores. We used Paper Mart’s Patterned Kraft Merchandise Bags. You can get really creative here and add different types of marshmallow flavors and shapes like square ones or ones with sprinkles. You can also incorporate an assortment of chocolate and mix and match milk and dark chocolate. Another way to add extra pizzazz is to use multi colored favor bags which can work for a number of party themes.

Next, you will fold over the top of the party favor bags and cut or punch two side by side holes in the top. Once that is complete you will pull twine or ribbon through the hole – remember not to tie the bags just yet! You can also use a stapler to attach the twine to the bags.


Once the twine has been pulled through you will add your paper tags. You can write a cute message on the tags or simply label them with your guests’s names, a Paper Mart gift tag works great for that purpose. Finally, you will tie your bags into a bow which will both attach the tag and seal your goodie bag. Your S’mores party favor bags are all done and ready to be enjoyed.


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