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Where and How to Get Boxes for Shipping

Many different circumstances call for multiple shipping boxes. Perhaps you’re sending out care packages, or you need to distribute a large number of materials to a work or school group. Maybe you’ve even started your own mail order business and need packaging and shipping materials for your product. Don’t worry, finding great shipping boxes is easier than you might think. You just need to know where to look.

Mailing Boxes | Shipping Boxes

A Word About Shipping

However you’ll be using your shipping boxes, they should be sturdy and appropriately sized to ensure the safety of their contents. During shipping, boxes are often shaken, thrown and accidentally dropped, so you don’t want to leave too much extra space inside, especially if the contents are fragile. Determine the type of boxes you need by measuring your products or gifts.

Where to Find Shipping Boxes

If you’re not picky about shape, size and cleanliness, you can obtain free boxes by asking local retailers. Most stores dispose of their used boxes, but keep in mind that these may have odors or residues from the products they once contained, and the outside of the boxes are often printed with information identifying the product or manufacturer. If you are packaging a product to deliver to a customer, using an old box is unprofessional and won’t make a good impression. You may also find boxes at your local post office, but your size and shape choices are limited, and boxes may display the USPS logo.

The Advantages of Buying Online at

Buying your boxes online is the easiest and most convenient way to get them, and you have more available options than you’ll find at any local outlet. You’ll never have to worry about contents fitting properly. All you need is a computer and a few measurements; you can skip scrounging for boxes in retail garbage piles. Your clean, perfect boxes will be delivered right to your door. If you order from, you can be sure that your boxes are uniform, well-constructed, undamaged and perfect for your needs. PaperMart is a family owned company with decades of experience in producing and selling packaging and shipping materials. They offer low wholesale prices and carry a vast array of boxes, product containers and coordinating packing materials to give your products a professional, clean image. There’s no minimum order requirement, and they will match or beat any competitor’s advertised price.

Shipping Box Selection at PaperMart

Regardless of the size or type of product you need to ship, PaperMart has a perfect option. Box types include traditional corrugated cardboard, easy-seal, tuck-top, poster tubes and boxes designed for specific items such as compact discs or odd-sized books. You can find a variety of colors and styles to complement your products, and you even have the option of designing your own custom-printed boxes and bags. Whether you’re an online auction pro or a teacher who needs matching boxes for a class project, PaperMart is your most affordable, versatile resource for shipping boxes.

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  1. Thomas Westgren December 11, 2018

    I like how you mentioned that using an old box to send something to a customer isn’t very professional and should be avoided if possible. Getting access to new cardboard tubes and boxes to send your things in would do a lot in helping your image and reputation as a company. That way people know that you are going to deliver high-quality products in a way that they won’t be damaged.

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