How To Pack A Boxed Lunch

Warmer weather is upon us and we’re in the mood for a picnic! If you’re in the mood to eat outside and enjoy the fresh weather, we’ve got the perfect lunch how-to for you.

FYI: These lunch boxes aren’t just for picnics! Use these boxes as a unique option for special events like birthdays, baby showers, and weddings!

One of the easiest ways to picnic is with a healthy, pre-made and pre-packed lunch box. Let us show you how to pack an adorable box here!

How To Package Your Boxed Lunch

In our example, we’re using our favorite picnic-friendly food. We love a delicious sandwich, a few savory snacks, and a cookie to finish it off. We also included an eco-friendly, paper straw, just in case we get a drink later to wash it all down with! These are just our favorite lunch box ideas.

When you pack your lunch, feel free to get creative and package your favorite lunch box food!

Here’s What You’ll Need To Package Beautifully

boxed lunch

How To Wrap Your Food Items Easily:

Go for the bigger items first. In our example, the biggest item in our box is a sandwich. Taking your sandwich, insert it in your glassine bag and secure with twine.

boxed lunch

Next, move onto the sweet treats! Using your lip & tape bags, take your cookie and make sure it is fully inside. Then, fold the cover over to seal.

boxed lunch

Then, take your snacks – we’re starting with our potato chips – and using the clear cello bags to hold them. Trim off any unused space and secure with twine.

boxed lunch

Our trail mix, we’re going to keep in small, resealable glass mason jars. Simply pour contents into the glass jar and seal with lid.

Finally, take your gable box and place your food liner inside. Add your wrapped sandwich, cookie, snacks, and straw. Finish with a checkered bow.

To easily carry multiple boxed lunches, use your large basket tray.

Lunch Box Packaging Tip: Food Safe Materials Matter

boxed lunch

While adorable prints and patterns are great, first and foremost, the key to a fresh packed lunch is the packaging. Ensure your healthy lunch box is wrapped and protected from dirt, moisture, and any unwanted odors by using food safe materials. The types of items you want to have on hand should be made with the following:

  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) | PET plastic is a strong, lightweight, shatter-resistant and food safe plastic.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved Materials | FDA compliance ensures the items you’re using has been made under sanitary conditions and approved for direct food contact.

Specially designed to wrap and protect, items with these signifiers are meant to maintain food quality, keeping fresh food delicious and picnic-ready.

With these boxed lunch tips, you can pack a healthy picnic lunch with ease this season. Loved this How-To? Us too! We’ll be making more all year long, so stay tuned for more DIY videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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