Our Favorite Cupcake Packaging Ideas

From classic to creative cupcake packaging ideas, we’ve got a roundup of our favorite cupcake containers. Check it out here!

Cupcake Packaging Ideas

Tried & True: The One-Piece Pastry Box

Best known for their lightweight, yet sturdy cardboard structure, this box is a favorite among retail spaces and large scale bakeries. 

One-piece pastry boxes are often available in bulk and are often used as a quick and easy storage option for cupcakes or pastries. When you’re looking for an economical solution for your cupcakes, consider a classic pastry box.

Cupcake Packaging Ideas

Our Favorite Pastry Boxes & Inserts

Specialty Packaging: Single-Serve Cupcake Containers

If you’re looking for specialty cupcake packaging, consider a container with features that accent your baked goods. Look for a unique patterned exterior, interesting handle options, or clamshell construction.

Cupcake Packaging Ideas

The Perfect Specialty Cupcake Boxes

Showcase Beautifully:  Cupcake Boxes With A Window

Another great way to package cupcakes is with a boutique window feature. With our baked goods, we look for a cupcake box with a window that accents and enhances the overall look.

Cupcake Packaging Ideas

The Ultimate Cupcake Display

Cupcake Packaging Ideas

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