4 Creative Ways to Make Your Products Pop with Custom Packaging

Small business owners can incorporate custom packaging into their product design without driving up overhead costs.

4 Creative Ways to Make Your Products Pop with Custom Packaging


In an increasingly competitive marketplace, small businesses need to find ways to truly stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from big box competitors. Thankfully, custom packaging makes it easy for companies to establish a consistent, memorable branded experience for customers. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or oversee an e-retail operation, effective branding makes it easier for customers to form long-standing relationships with your business.

Worried about the costs associated with developing high-quality custom packaging? We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of affordable options at your disposal. With Paper Mart’s user-friendly, do-it-yourself design studio, you can customize all of your essential packaging supplies, from boxes and bags to labels and ribbons. Draw inspiration from a few of our favorite branded packaging experiences to create your business’s signature look.


1. Creative Custom Labels

A tasteful logo that embodies the aesthetic values of your business can go a long way toward shaping customers’ perception of your brand. By including your logo on all of your packaging, you can tell consumers who you are and what you want your brand to be. With a nearly limitless variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, Paper Mart makes it easy to create custom print labels that you and your customers will love.


crows custom cookies


Etsy seller and Paper Mart customer Donna Crow runs a successful custom cookie business, baking sweet-tooth-satisfying cookies for every occasion. Crow uses custom labels to decorate the outside of her cookie boxes with her brightly colored Crow’s Custom Cookies logo. She also uses custom labels on individual cookie packages to list ingredient information.


vestige tees


Digital custom labels can be used to distinguish a variety of products. For example, Vestige Story, a clothing retailer, uses recyclable glass bottles to package its t-shirts, adding custom labels to the bottles for a final branded touch.


2. Put a Bow on It

wooly lady


In addition to the aesthetic benefits, custom packaging can also lend functional value to your product packaging. Just ask Gail Pierce and Lisa Wood of Wooly Lady, a small business specializing in wool and yarn products. Pierce and Wood use customized ribbons emblazoned with the Wooly Lady name to bundle their yarn and wool items together before sending them off to customers. The result is understated, tasteful, and adds a thoughtful touch to customers’ orders.


3. Bold Boxes

Custom printed boxes make your products pop before your customers even open their purchases. Using hot stamp plates, Paper Mart can add your brand’s logo to a variety of different box styles and sizes. The hot stamp system also makes for easy, cost-effective reordering when the time comes.


fandom of the month


Custom boxes may sport a single logo on their exterior, or, alternatively, they can feature a design covering the entire surface of the box. Take Fandom of the Month Club’s one-of-a-kind design, which takes the brand’s central mission and puts it front, center — and all over.


4. Paper or Plastic?

If you’re an online retailer, custom bags can be a cute way to help cushion products during transit. They also make for fun, complimentary gifts for repeat customers — and if they like your packaging so much that they choose to carry you brand’s logo out into the world, that’s cheap advertising for you! Paper Mart has a ton of customizable bags to choose from in variety of styles and colors, from fabric tote bags to twisted handle shopping bags.


aurora coffee


We love what Aurora Coffee has done to use their custom bags in service of effective branding. With a bold printed design that can be customized by the barista to indicate what’s inside, these bags serve up both function and fashion to coffee-loving customers.

When it comes to packaging, presentation is everything. If you’re a small business owner looking for a way to boost brand recognition and make a statement in the process, opt for custom packaging that proudly displays your logo and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.



  1. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    You’ve got some great tips for making customizable packages. I like how you said that presentation is everything when it comes to packaging. That totally makes sense! As a customer, I’m definitely more attracted to packaging that’s more attractive to the eye.

  2. Frank says:

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  3. Heidi Bookenstock says:

    A friend of mine recently started an online business where she sells homemade jewelry. The business is still pretty new, but she’s getting a lot of orders and is gaining popularity pretty quickly. One thing that could give her a more professional image is using custom printed boxes to ship her product. It’s a great way to create brand recognition and helping to create a relationship between the product and the buyer.

  4. Isla poppy says:

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  6. Vanessa Blair says:

    My sister opened a stationery shop and she wants to market her goods in a unique way. It was explained here that having bold boxes can make her product pop. Moreover, it’s advisable to go to professionals for custom commercial packaging.

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