How Christmas Grosgrain Ribbon Makes the Season Brighter

Brighten up holiday decor with Christmas grosgrain ribbon. You can use this versatile ribbon to make your home, crafts and favors festive for the holidays.

No matter how you prefer to decorate, there are plenty of ways to do so with this awesome accessory. Here are a few suggestions on using it to show off your unique aesthetic sensibilities.

Give Gifts a Bit More Flair

thin blue grosgrain ribbon

Wrapping a gift with ribbon may seem like an obvious idea, but you don’t have to do it in a conventional way. There are plenty of stylistic options that imbue your gift with special personality you just wouldn’t get by having it wrapped at the store. Try some of these ideas:

Tie a flashy striped or patterned grosgrain ribbon around a gift wrapped in plain brown butcher paper. This creates a more rustic look that meshes well with evergreen decorations.

Use your favorite wide ribbon to make a single loop around your gift or package to create a clean effect.
Layer multiple ribbons with a sheer variety on top to create a textured wrap.

If you do not have time to wrap a gift or stocking stuffer, simply tie a ribbon around the item for gift wrapping on the go!

Decorate More Than Just Trees

Christmas Natural Grosgrain Ribbon

Tinsel garland is commonly used to adorn Christmas trees, but flocking Christmas grosgrain ribbons around the branches can make a beautiful alternative to garland as well. And by using grosgrain ribbons around the house, you may be able to spread the cheer a bit further.

Loose arcs of grosgrain above doorways and around window sashes make perfect spots for hanging extra decorations. They can also be used to create backdrops for mistletoe, pine cones and other naturalistic seasonal decor.

Make Better Cards

Why choose an impersonal store-bought card when you can impress family and friends with your own handmade alternatives? Using a blank card or folded piece of card stock, decorate the exterior with your own artwork, glued sections of grosgrain ribbon and scrapbooking supplies.

Simple patterns, like horizontal red and green stripes made of individual glued ribbons, are usually easiest for beginners. They also leave lots of room for your special messages of holiday cheer.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can mix things up with layered, translucent and bicolor ribbons. Remember that your card has the best chance of surviving shipping and handling if you keep the ribbon decorations flat. If you do decide to add folds, bends or bows, you may wish to lightly iron them first to flatten the parts you’re going to glue down. These custom cards are awesome vehicles for family photos and other personal mementos.

Accessorize Yourself

Why should your surroundings be the only things that get into the seasonal spirit? Though grosgrain ribbons are commonly used for hair bows, they aren’t the only option. There are several other accessories this ribbon is ideal for.

Add extra Christmas sentiment to a favorite stylish hat by making a smooth loop of ribbon to circle the main body. Use a safety pin or hat pin to secure the ribbon, and you’ll be able to switch colors to match your mood.

If you have jewelry supplies like earring hooks and posts, you can make cool bow earrings using thin, 1/8″ grosgrain. This might take a few tries, so practice forming the bow on a flat surface instead of gluing it right to the earring base and going for it. Glue each bow together before affixing it to the earring base.

Medium-width grosgrain also makes nice fashion belts. Combine a length of your favorite Christmas color with a flower made from a contrasting hue or shade for extra style points.

Welcome Your Guests

Hosting the whole extended family for a while? If they’re staying in specific rooms, wrap each door in a simple cross like you’d see on a traditional Christmas gift. Add a large gift tag with each person’s name on it to create a cool present effect that instantly makes visitors feel at home.

Do you use Christmas grosgrain ribbon during your favorite season? For more inspirations, check out the rest of the Paper Mart blog.

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