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DIY Christmas Ornament Gift Boxes [Video]

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are small and sentimental such as ornaments that remind you of a special place or memory. Ornaments can also be humorous and used as a casual stocking stuffer.  Here at Paper Mart, we love all things packaging. We think a cutely wrapped gift makes all the difference in making your gift look extra special. That’s why we’re bringing you a DIY tutorial on how to create your very own unique Christmas ornament boxes!

To start, choose a charming small gift box such as a Kraft Cupcake Box, Silver Hi Gloss Gift Box, or Medium Round Stackable Wood Box. Next, collect various embellishments to decorate your boxes. You can get really creative here and use a number of materials including ribbons, feathers, jewels, butterflies, and washi tape! The possibilities are endless! Once you have decided on the look you want to achieve you can layer and attach your materials with a hot glue gun. This project is not only easy and fun but also quite affordable. Your friends and family will appreciate the extra care you put into wrapping their gift!

You can check out all the materials you’ll need to make your own DIY Christmas Gift Boxes below:


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