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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Favor Boxes

We’re prepping and crafting for St. Patrick’s Day with beautiful rainbow-trimmed bars of gold. This is an easy, family-friendly craft for parties or small gifts. Learn how to make them here!


Patrick's Day

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create These Cute St. Patrick’s Day Boxes

Patrick's Day

How To Make These Easy Party Favor Boxes in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Form Your Shamrocks



Patrick's Day


  • With your glitter poster board, draw a shamrock shape onto the non-glitter side. This will be your shamrock template!
  • Once your template is made, carefully cut your shamrock shape out.

Step 2: Add Your Candy & Put Together Your Gold Bar Boxes



Patrick's Day



  • Before folding together, add your favorite St. Patrick’s Day candy and treats to your boxes.
  • To fold your box together, take the two bottom flaps and pull them towards the box center. This will form the walls of your gold bars.
  • Take the longest flap and fold it over. To seal, tuck the edge flap in.

Step 3: Embellish With A Little Bit ‘o The Rainbow



Patrick's Day



  • Trim the center of your gold bars with a little bit of the rainbow! Using your metallic washi tape, cut the length of your gold box.
  • Center and apply it to the surface. Finish by gluing a shamrock to the center of your gold bar.



Patrick's Day


Note: St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are known for their bright and festive green and gold decorations. These pretty crafts would look great with decorative items from our St. Patrick’s Day Party Collection!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year? Chasing rainbows? Crafting adorable decor with your kids? Show us on social using the #mypapermart tag! Did you love this super-simple DIY? Stay tuned! We’ll be making more all year long, so keep watching for more DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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