How to Make Your Own Paper Flower Crown

Paper Flower CrownA paper flower crown is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit this spring and summer season. They’re delicate accents to add to your festival outfit or bold, colorful statements to complement your birthday dress. Follow our exclusive DIY paper flower crown tutorial to make playful and creative head-wear, courtesy of Paper Mart.


lyrical paper wire tie

First, cut the lyrical paper wired tie to fit the shape of your head. Leave extra wire at the ends so you can tie a loose knot. Next, cut off the bottom stem of the paper flowers and carefully glue them along the paper wire. Taking your embellishments—such as pearls, bows, or butterflies—glue them along the headband. Finally, twist the ends of the wire together to create a knot. If you want to hide the knot, you can cover it with a flower.

paper flowers

Create Your Own Crown Style

Everyone has their own personal style. We encourage you to express yourself with your customized crown. Some suggestions:

  • Use large or small flowers.
  • Glue the flowers all around your headband.
  • Choose from a variety of colors.
  • Add all sorts of embellishments.

The most important aspect of this DIY project is to have fun. Spend an enjoyable afternoon making a paper flower crown to accompany your special occasion.

Wear Them For Special Occasions

Paper flower crowns are colorful additions to everyday outfits, but they can also be worn for many other occasions. Wear your personalized crown to music festivals, beachfront picnics, or springtime garden parties. Be creative and let your artistic style shine! You can also wear them to outdoor weddings or birthday celebrations.


More Flower Crown Techniques

For those looking for a more challenging and personalized flower crown, try making your own flowers out of crepe paper. With 180 grams of crepe paper, 10 to 12 pieces of 22-gauge green floral wire, tacky glue, scissors, and wire cutters, you can create a custom masterpiece. We recommend tracing unique petals and leaves to serve as templates to create your flowers. Don’t forget to construct a pistil for the center of your flowers!

Besides making your own flowers, ensure that your paper flower crown will endure through the festivities by coating it in beeswax. This will keep the flowers from tearing and fading, and will give them a nice, opaque gloss.

At Paper Mart, we love providing our customers with fun DIY projects to explore their creativity. With craft materials ranging from paper and plastic to fabric and ribbon, we have everything you need to make any craft. Follow our blog and discover new ways to use our products in your future projects!

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