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Trending Summer Wedding Decor You Can Make Yourself

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind, but no matter how you approach your event, you want it to be a special day for you and for your guests. Whether they are looking to save some money, or aiming to infuse the big day with more of their personalities, many soon-to-be-brides and grooms are choosing the DIY route when it comes to décor. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to create an extraordinarily memorable wedding, here are a few DIY summer wedding decor ideas that you can make yourself.

wedding invitation

Invitations That Impress

Setting the tone starts with designing the right invitation; after all, these delicate slivers of paper are how you introduce your anticipated union. If you already have a theme, tie it into your invitation. If not, choose colors that represent your wedding season. Summer weddings, for example, should involve bright and bold color palettes. Reserve the traditional pastel color schemes for spring and choose brilliant coral, honey, or sea green. Just remember to select hues that are brilliant and work well together. You can also create a scheme that uses different shades of the same color. Create your invitations with premium paper and add a few embellishments, like bows, to fabricate impressive invitations.

Arches, Aisles, and Altars

The focal point of any ceremony are the two people standing at the altar. While everyone is staring at the gorgeous couple, you’ll want to ensure that your surroundings are as elegant as the wedded duo.
Take traditional arches and altars that are usually the centerpieces of the ceremony and embellish them with some tassels, flowers, or even lanterns. Make sure the decorations are the same bright colors you chose for the invitations, creating a vibrant display for a memorable look. You can use the same decorative techniques for the aisles and guests’ chairs. A little bit of embellishment can really make a unique impression.


pink flower bouquet

Build Your Own Bouquet

One of the final details many fret about is the bouquet and floral arrangements. It can be stressful to organize, as these pieces will have to be put together as close to the ceremony as possible for fresh results. Instead of relying on a florist, pick some wildflowers to use at the ceremony. Summer is a great time for native flowers, with daisies, lilies, marigolds, and dahlias in full bloom.
If using fresh flowers is too unpredictable, skip live flowers entirely and use a number of flower alternatives that can be put together weeks in advance. This option is often affordable, and the flowers from the wedding day can be reused for anniversaries, birthdays, and other formal events.

Reception Focus: Centerpieces & Table Décor

If you’re open to reusing items, flowers, tassels, and any other embellishments you used in the ceremony, then they can also be used to accentuate the reception décor. Centerpieces are a big part of reception decorations, as they tie everything together cohesively. Give your guests something really beautiful to look at.

Besides reusing items from your ceremony, you can always add unique touches with glass marbles, acrylic gems, or even decorative tape. Centerpieces are often given away as wedding favors. Ensure yours are kept forever by crafting creative, charming ornaments, adorned with beautiful items from Paper Mart. Following these creative DIY summer wedding ideas, ensure that your celebration is full of life, love, and lots of color!

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