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Baby Shower Gift Wrap – Boy, Girl, & Unisex Colors Available

How to Make a Unique Baby Shower Guest Book

Adding a new addition to the family is an exciting time. So before the stork arrives, celebrate a bouncing baby the right way by shopping in our Baby Shower Gift Wrap section. You’ll find boyish blue, girly pink, fun yellow, and other colors that will bring a smile to any baby. There are even fun patterns of safari, bumblebees, birds, and many more printed baby shower wrapping paper for you to choose from. Paper Mart has over 150 different styles and designs of baby gift wrap, so you know you’re getting the most variety at your fingertips. And with our fast shipping and always in-stock items, you’re guaranteed to receive your baby shower packaging before the little tyke arrives.

Find all your baby shower supplies at Paper Mart who has one of the largest collections of baby gift wrapping paper on the web. And before you have to change diapers, learn how to make a unique baby shower guest book with leftover baby shower wrapping paper.


  • Mini baby clothespins – you’ll need as many as the number of guests you are having.
  • Spool of twine or raffia ribbon – you choose the color (we recommend natural)!
  • Cardstock – you choose the color (we recommend natural or white)!
  • Baby shower wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Printer and paper (or Onesie stencil)
  • Pen
  • Tulle
  • Paper Cement
  • Hot glue gun


1) Print out this Onesie printable, roughly 4 inches tall.

2) Cut the clip art out of the printed page. You now have a Onesie stencil!

3) Use your Onesie stencil and trace the Onesie outline on cardstock. Make as many Onesies on cardstock as you have number of guests (one onesie = one guest).

4) Cut out each Onesie from the cardstock.

5) Glue each Onesie cardstock onto your baby shower wrapping paper using your paper cement. Be mindful of the gift wrap pattern you are gluing onto. For this craft, we used mini duck wrapping paper that needed to be placed perfectly, so that the duck would be in the limelight.

6) Cut around each Onesie, so the gift wrap is only displaying on the back.

7) Cut 3 inches of 6” tulle. Tie a knot in the middle of the tulle strip to make a bow. Use a hot glue gun to adhere your bow. Attach the bow with a small dot of glue and be sure to give ½” below the Onesie neckline (you need this space for the mini clothespin).

8) Using your twine or raffia ribbon, swing the twine back and worth to create a mock-clothesline. There are multiple ways for you to attach the twine – use tape, two bookends, tulle, or anything you like!

9) Take a mini clothespin and add one Onesie to the clothesline. Continue to add all your Onesies until the clothesline is covered. Be careful to evenly space out each Onesie for the best results. Also, you’ll want to fluctuate the Onesies with one showing on the front, one showing on the back, etc.

10) Voila! Now, guests can pull down a Onesie, write an inspirational message.

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