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Animal Print Wrapping Paper

Learn Tips and Tricks on How to Wrap Presents Using Animal Print Wrapping Paper

brown zebra stripes on tan background     brown zebra stripes on golden background with transparent brown stripes intertwined     black and white zebra stripes

Black and white, stripes, dots, brown and beige – animal print comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. And each animal print is beautiful in its own way. Zebra print with its iconic black and white stripes can dress up anything, like an outfit, a gift, or an occasion. Celebrities are drawn to zebra print and you’ll see it often when talking about fashion. Even using animal print wrapping paper to adorn your gifts will help your gift stand out from the rest; which is ironic, since in the Animal Kingdom, unique prints help the animals blend into their surroundings.

Another common animal-themed wrapping paper is owl wrapping paper. Soaring high above the skies, owls on your wrapping paper are guaranteed to make your gift a hoot! Known for their wisdom, owl designs are becoming very popular for young girls. Their big eyes and sweet faces make your gift more adorable when it’s draped in owl wrapping paper.

Cover the whole package with Animal Print Gift Wrap

  • From top to bottom, cover your gift with zebra print wrapping paper, owl wrapping paper, or other animal print gift wrap.
  • On the top of your package, add a thick accent of brown or black paper (whichever matches your gift wrap best). This paper should resemble a table runner and run along the sides of your gift, leaving only a strip of animal print on both sides.
  • Finish the gift package with ribbon. Use curling ribbon in three different colors to tie in the animal or zebra print.

Use the Animal Print Gift Wrap as an Accent

  • Cover your gift in solid gift wrap (like hot pink, brown, or red). Choose the color that complements the animal print best.
  • Cut your animal print gift wrap in one thick strip. Tape down this animal print strip in the back of your gift so that it is running down the middle of your gift box, from top to bottom.
  • Add some ribbon on the top to finish the wrapping job. You can choose a solid color that matches the gift wrap you used in the beginning or a ribbon that’s multicolored to play up the animal print even more.

Use the Animal Print Wrapping Paper as a Peek-a-Boo Effect

  • For this one to work, you will need a die-cut tool, such as paw prints or bows.
  • First, wrap your gift in animal print paper, zebra wrapping paper, or owl wrapping paper. Make sure you cover the whole box.
  • Take a solid wrapping paper like brown or black. Using your die-cut punch patterns into the solid wrapping paper. Add as many as you like, or create a paw print trail (that would be adorable!).
  • Once you’re finished adding all the patterned holes, wrap the gift in the solid wrapping paper.
  • You should see some of the Animal print peeking through the solid wrapping paper where the patterned holes are. Tie some ribbon and you’re finished.

When it comes to animal print wrapping paper, always remember to have fun with it! Be as playful as the animal you are representing. Rawr!

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