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Birthday Gift Wrap – Celebrate the Big Day in Style!

Becoming a year older and a year wiser is a big deal. Give the birthday boy, girl, or company event reason to light up when they see the birthday wrapping paper you’ve chosen. With over a 100 unique and fun birthday gift wrap designs and styles, you’ll pick the paper that’s unforgettable. Coming in a wide range of sizes, our birthday gift wrap is in stock and ready to ship. Choose from Factory Direct Counter Rolls in 18” to 30”, Stock Rolls, or Discounted Stock Rolls in 100’ length. From pet party designs to Monster Bash designs, our birthday wrapping paper brings cheer to any birthday event, big or small.

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Now, to learn how to best utilize our birthday wrap, read our “How to Wrap a Birthday Present” tutorial.

– Scissors
– Double-sided tape
– Wrapping paper (size depends on size of gift)
– Curling Ribbon
– Present in a box

1) Roll out a section of wrapping paper. Place your present on its side. Using your hands, center the gift to be in the middle of your flat right and left hand. This is a smart trick to figure out how much wrapping paper you will need.

2) Use your scissors and cut that selection off of the roll. Try to keep a straight line when you cut or use a yardstick for help.

3) Discard the roll for now, and only use the wrapping paper selection you cut.

4) From the edge of your wrapping paper, roll your gift hot-dog-style until your wrapping paper comes to an end. As you roll, be sure and crease each section, so the gift wrap is nice and tight.

5) Once you reach the end, fold the loose flap to get a clean edge. Then use your double-sided tape to attach the flap to the gift.

6) Fold the remaining flap over the previous piece and tape down.

7) On the two opposite sides where the gift wrap is hanging over, fold in the excess pieces by:
a. folding over the right side and left side to the middle. This will create a faint triangular shape on the bottom of your excess wrapping paper.
b. bring the faint triangular shape to meet the folded right and left sides by folding.
Once you’re complete, tape the inside of the bottom piece with your double-sided tape.
Abstract Wrapping Paper

8) Repeat step 7 for the other side of the box.

9) Top off your birthday present with a bow made from curling ribbon and you’re ready to get the party started.

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