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How to Buy Ribbon for Every Need

As any teacher, mother, crafter, wedding planner or florist will tell you, ribbons are indispensable. Whether they’re made from organza, mesh, paper or velvet, they tell the world that what lies beneath them is something special. If you keep a few ribbons on hand, you’re ready to spruce up everything from birthday presents and hairdos to plain kitchen canisters. However, with so many styles, types and colors and to choose from, buying ribbons can be a little overwhelming. You can make it easier by narrowing your selection down to the types of ribbons that you’re most likely to use. Here are a few suggestions.

Ribbon for Wrapping Presents

Christmas Present Ribbon

Decorating gifts is probably the most popular use for ribbon. It’s a good idea to keep several types and colors on hand, including a few that are appropriate for specific holidays and themed events. Practically all ribbons are great for gift-wrapping; each type lends its own special look and feel. Raffia and paper ribbons are ideal for food–related gifts. Cloth, lace and braided cords are perfect for elegant, expensive gifts. If your ribbon-tying skills are lacking, buy pre-made adhesive bows or pull bows.

Ribbon for Hairstyles

Few things are cuter than ribbons tied around the base of a ponytail or woven into a braid. Popular with girls of all ages as well as adults, well-placed ribbons make plain hairstyles adorable. Fabric, lace or stretchy ribbons are the best choices for hair. Coordinate colors with wardrobe choices or choose natural colors such as tan or brown to match hair color. When buying ribbon for pets, match their fur or eye color.

Craft Ribbon

Purple Ribbon

Like gift-wrapping, crafting calls for ribbons of all kinds. The type of craft you’re creating will dictate which type of ribbon material you should use. For example, floral arranging commonly uses wide, lightweight fabric poly ribbon while paper mache crafts look better with raffia or paper. If you’re buying ribbons for sewing projects, durable, colorfast fabric ribbons, trims and cords are best.

Home and Party Decor Ribbon

Along with paper streamers, curling ribbon is a popular choice for parties, especially when helium balloons are part of the fun. For a cohesive look, match your ribbons to your table and room decor. If you’re planning a large party with lots of balloons or decorated party favors, consider buying a curling ribbon dispenser.

Product Packaging Ribbon

If you’re a crafter who sells products at craft shows, flea markets or even online, you can increase sales with attractive product packaging. Ribbons are a quick, affordable and easy way to make your wares irresistible. You won’t need to sacrifice profit if you make wise choices and use packaging decor sparingly. Paper ribbon or narrow fabric ribbon is usually adequate for small items. Raffia looks great around wrapped handmade soaps or food products. Use your own artistic judgment to buy the ribbon that best fits your product and budget.

Where and How to Buy Your Ribbon

Paper Mart Ribbon

You have several options for buying ribbons. If you need them immediately, shopping at a local store is your best bet. Department stores often have craft sections, but your color and fabric selection may be limited. A craft store will have a much larger selection. If you need fabric ribbons or trims for sewing projects, you’ll find ribbons designed specifically for this in a fabric store. However, when you buy small amounts of ribbon locally, you will probably end up paying more per inch.

The Online Shopping Advantage

If you’ll need large amounts of ribbon for ongoing craft projects or product packaging, consider shopping online. Choosing an online retailer that offers a wide selection and affordable prices is the most convenient and cost-effective way to buy ribbons. You’ll find everything you need without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Shopping online also makes it easier to reorder your supplies, which is especially helpful if you’re a crafter or decorator. offers an incredible selection of ribbons in every color and type, and you can buy as many or as few as you like. Visit Paper Mart’s ribbon page today, and find the perfect ribbons for all your personal and business needs.

Paper Mart Ribbon options

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  1. Duncan Lance December 13, 2018

    Wow, I did not realize that there were so many different kinds of ribbons that you could choose from. Although, it is nice to know that each one has a different function so that you know when to use it. For example, you likely wouldn’t wear a packaging ribbon in your hair; instead, you’d make sure to buy a cloth ribbon that can be easily worn.

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