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DIY Fold-Your-Own Geometric Envelopes by Camille Styles

Camille Styles DIY Fold-Your-Own Geometric EnvelopesPersonalized snail mail is a great way to show someone you care, and you can make the prettiest notes right at home! Lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles, recently featured a super cute DIY tutorial on how to craft your own personalized geometric envelopes using Paper Mart’s two-sided color matte in aqua/seafoam, and our flat sheet gift wrap in yellow stripe. You can also incorporate colorful Washi Tape for that extra decorative touch!

There are a number of ways to fold the paper notes into geometric envelopes. So whether you are looking to send a birthday surprise to a family member in another state or simply dropping off a little hello or thank you note for a coworker or a friend, you can be sure that they will be pleasantly surprised at your fun and thoughtful message!

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