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[Video] DIY No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins

Decorating for Fall

The holidays are already around the corner. More importantly, this means that some decorating is in order. Here at Paper Mart, we have a simple way of using our products like burlap bags and turning them into festive pumpkin decoration. These no-sew burlap pumpkins would go well for Halloween, Thanksgiving and harvest seasons.

Here Is What You Are Going To Need

Burlap Pumpkins

Let’s Get Started

First, get your scissors out because we are going to do some cutting. Take your burlap bag and cut and remove the drawstring. While you are there, cut and remove the drawstring hem. You won’t be needing this part of the bag. Turn the bag upside down and cut and remove the bottom of the bag.  You won’t need this part either.

Next, flip the burlap sleeve inside out. With your scissors, cut 6 pieces of 16-inch twine and tie together to form a knot. Insert the twine through the burlap sleeve so the knots protrudes out of the end. Gather the burlap around the knot and secure with a rubber band. Flip the burlap right side out so the knot is inside.

Then, stuff the bag with fiberfill. Put enough fill so it looks full, but can still be tied at the end. Moreover, gather the open end and tie with a rubber band to form the stem. Bring on a piece of twine to the top and wrap the stem. Now, take the second piece of twine to the top and wrap the stem again.  Tie the two pieces of twine together at the base of the stem. Carefully bring the remaining 4 pieces to the top and tie around the base of the stem. It should be looking like a pumpkin right about now. In the meantime, cut the 4 loose pieces of twine to be 6 inches long.

Finally, cover everything except the stem and the loose twine with foil. Sparingly, add a thin layer of glue to the loose twine, and wrap around a pencil.  Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Remove the foil to reveal your finished product.

Burlap Pumpkins

Looks great!

With this easy guide, you can make wonderful burlap pumpkins decoration with simple burlap bags which you can purchase at Paper Mart. Use it to decorate a mantle, coffee table or make it a centerpiece for your next tablescape. It looks rustic, charming and handmade. Of course, you made it!

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