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[Video] DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath

It’s October and Halloween will be here before you know it! This is the perfect reason to get your home ready for a spooky party and trick or treaters. One way to welcome your guests is with a festive wreath. With just a few supplies and simple steps, you can make your very own DIY ribbon wreath that will be perfect for all your Halloween festivities!

Here is what you will need to get started:ย 

Ribbon wreath

DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Next, follow these simple steps to make this DIY Halloween Wreath:

1) Attach pipe cleaners to wreath frame.

2) Layer all 3 ribbons together. Then attach the ribbons to the wreath frame. Make sure to make loops with the ribbons before securing it to the frame.

3) Clean up your wreath by trimming down excess material. This includes both the excess pipe cleaners and ribbon.

4) Next, separate and fluff up all the ribbon loops.

5) Add a personal touch by creating a spooky bouquet with a variety of embellishments! Finish off your wreath by attaching a bow with your spooky bouquet.

Ribbon wreath

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