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[Video] DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Need some decorating ideas for Halloween?

The original Jack-O-Lantern was made to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. So as the saying goes. Our pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween are a little different, in that they utilize no-carve pumpkins embellished with affordable products available at All of your visitors will enjoy these warm and inviting holiday decorations. In fact, they will most definitely last longer than a traditional jack-o-lantern and could even make it to Thanksgiving!

Easy Halloween Decoration

When you carve out a pumpkin with the usual triangle eyes, and nose with a two-tooth smile, you know every other neighbor is doing the same thing. Been there, done that. This Halloween, why not try something new? Why not decorate a no-carve pumpkin and save yourself the mess?  If you look online, you’ll see them referred to as “no-carve” pumpkins. So listen up, we have three great ideas that are easy and gorgeous.

The supply list

14-inch roll of ivory lace
Velvet ribbon
Natural Ribbon
Black Milkweed Butterfly
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
3 Pumpkins (Available at your local grocer)

Decorating with Ribbon

To bring out some rustic charm, use a burlap or natural ribbon to decorate. Additionally, a good tip is to choose a ribbon that is proportional in width to your pumpkin. For a wider pumpkin, choose a wider ribbon.

  1. To start off, simply cut strips of ribbon that can span the pumpkin from top to bottom.
  2. Next, hot glue the ribbon at the stem and on the bottom.
  3. Then, add curls. Hot glue a few more strips of ribbon just below the stem, curl them and stick them to the side.

Decorating with Lace

Lace brings out an elegance to the pumpkin. Rather nicely, the orange color of the skin of the pumpkin shows through the lace. Then this is finished with a velvet bow.

  1. Firstly, cut the desired piece of lace and apply hot glue around the base of the stem.
  2. Second, wrap the pumpkin with the lace securing at the top.
  3. Thirdly, trim the excess lace around the stem.
  4. Lastly, tie a bow around the stem using the velvet ribbon.

Decorating with Butterflies

Butterflies usually migrate during the fall or harvest season. These butterfly decorations signify that migration and show off the natural environment where pumpkins come from.

  1. Let’s begin by removing the wires from the butterflies and hot gluing them around the stem.
  2. Next, keep adding butterflies to the bottom.
  3. Admire your adorable, non-carved pumpkin.

Good Job!

We hope that you have fun with your decorating project. Pop over to our blog post on cosplay fabric for some DIY Halloween costume ideas. This project had some whimsical, natural, and rustic elements to it. We think that it would make for some good ideas this season. Remember, at Paper Mart, we have the tools and supplies for you to decorate any holiday.

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