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Paper Mart Teams Up With Small Businesses To Deliver Hurricane Harvey Relief To Those In Need

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we’re partnering with local businesses in Houston to provide relief to those in need.  

Hurricane Harvey


Natural disasters can be devastating, displacing millions of people and inflicting serious damage on homes and cities. Rehabilitation from such extreme weather events can often take months or even years. Hurricane Harvey is one such event — more than 32,000 people have had to leave their homes and take refuge in temporary shelters across Texas. In the wake of the storm, we’ve partnered with businesses in Houston and beyond to support the city and its surrounding communities.


Our first partners, Lillie May Naturals and Vintage Suds Soapery, plan to send 10,000 soap bags to Harvey victims across the Houston metro area. To aid their efforts, we’ve donated 7,200 organza bags, which allow for easy hanging in the shower. Soap bags will be given to refugees across the Houston area to help them feel a little more comfortable in the midst of the hurricane’s aftermath. If you’re interested in supporting their efforts, contact Lillie May to see how you can contribute.



The second relief effort we’re supporting is Cookie Comfort for Texas, an organization that’s mailing boxes of cookies to emergency responders, shelters, and families in need. For families that have been displaced, these homemade cookies provide comfort and familiarity. For first responders, they’re a welcome treat in an intense and emotionally taxing work environment. We’ve provided bakery boxes to ensure that the cookies make it to their destinations fresh and unbroken.


As an added incentive, bakers who donate will have the opportunity to win a $100 gift card to Truly Mad Plastics, a Texas company that makes custom cookie cutters. You can also contribute monetary donations, and any funds that aren’t used for baking supplies or packaging will be used to purchase other necessary items for Harvey survivors, like toiletries and batteries.



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