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Peacock Feather Wedding Ideas: Invitations, Centerpieces, Bouquets, and More!

Peacock feathers can add a glamorous touch to any wedding. Here are three of our favorite ways to use them.


Peacock Feather


When planning a wedding, picking a unifying theme for the decor can be one of the hardest tasks. Whether a black-tie affair or a backyard wedding, winter or summer, rustic or classic, what truly matters is that the theme of the day speaks to you and your betrothed’s sensibilities.

If you’re looking to add a wholly unique and eye-catching touch, why not incorporate peacock feathers into your wedding decor? The colors are rich and iridescent, creating a striking look for your special day. You can pull peacock colors like teal, green, purple, and gold into your wedding theme, or simply use the feathers to complement your existing color palette.


Wedding Invitations

Peacock FeatherWedding invitations are an opportunity to make a splashy statement about your upcoming nuptials. Rather than using plain cardstock, add some interesting texture by including peacock feathers. Tie a single peacock feather to the invitation with a gold or purple ribbon, or artfully affix several feathers with glue. Continue the “flighty” theme with a matching envelope and lettering to make your invitations pop. Your guests will be proud to display this striking save-the-date on their fridges!


Flower Arrangements

A bride’s flower bouquet should complement her dress, as well as the overall wedding decor. What better way to create contrast and visual interest in a bouquet than with peacock feathers? Accentuate the feathers’ rich color palette by pairing them with orchids and lilies in jewel tones. Wrap the bouquet in a sparkly, peacock-patterned ribbon to amplify the effect. The groom and groomsmen can wear matching boutonnieres, such as a single peacock feather tied in gold or silver ribbon, or a simple green peacock feather for a more understated effect.

Why stop at bouquets and boutonnieres? You can incorporate peacock feathers into your flower arrangements as well. Place peacock feathers in tall vases for a minimalist look, or create elaborate arrangements that give your venue an exotic and otherworldly feeling.


Peacock Feather

Wedding Centerpieces

Use peacock feather wedding centerpieces to tie the whole event together with a unifying theme. Keep things simple with a peacock feather flower arrangement, or even a single peacock feather in a glass vase or mason jar. Decorate your vases and candles with peacock feathers and matching ribbons. You can even scatter a few soft, blue peacock feathers on the table surrounding your centerpiece.

The possibilities of peacock feathers are endless, so use these ideas as a jumping off point for your own unique take. Buy some peacock feathers and let your imagination run wild!


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  1. Rich's Catering November 8, 2018

    Peacock feather invitations, centerpieces and peacock bouquets? What a brilliant idea! This patterned colorful style is interesting. Nice wedding idea, thank you for sharing.

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