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How to Package and Ship Bread in the Mail

Nothing compares to the delight of taking a bite of a fresh slice of bread. Bread is a beloved food item that can make a great present for loved ones far away. With the countless bread recipes out there, bread can be a wonderful way to show friends and family that you care with a food item you can trust they’ll actually eat. While a homemade loaf of bread is a great way to send well wishes to a loved one, shipping bread can come with a fair share of challenges. For the bread to arrive at its recipient safely, the sender must take extra precautions when packaging and sending the bread. No one wants a bent or inedible loaf of bread on their doorstep, which is why it’s suggested to learn how to package bread for shipping before sending this delicious gift on its way. 

bread loaves alongside paper mart shipping supplies

In this article, Paper Mart will explore how to package homemade bread for safe shipping. Whether you’re sending grandma a loaf of banana bread or know a friend who’d appreciate a slice of sourdough, these tips for shipping bread will help your gift arrive safely.

How to Pack Bread for Shipping

For people first learning how to ship bread, it might seem like a difficult task. Especially for fluffier bread that is more susceptible to bending or breaking, making sure that everything is packaged correctly is crucial for success. Let’s explore the step-by-step guide for packaging and shipping bread to ensure your loved ones get a tasty and visually appealing present upon arrival.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials to Pack Bread Safely

The first step in making sure shipping bread goes smoothly is by gathering the correct packaging and shipping supplies. Preparing bread for shipping is simple enough, but without the necessary materials, the recipient might find a stale or broken loaf once it arrives. The packaging materials needed will vary based on how you’d like to present the bread to your recipient, either in a box, bag or on its own. 

Here are a few supplies to gather before beginning the packaging process to ensure you don’t have to run out the door to grab items last minute. 

Step 2: Package the Bread

To ensure your recipient receives the bread with the desired presentation, it’s important to guarantee bread is packaged properly. When it comes to shipping bread, the first step is wrapping your bread in a food-safe bag. We recommend our food safe bags, food safe paper, or food safe plastic wrap. Then, wrap the bag once again in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will further protect the bread and keep it from bending or breaking inside the shipping container.

Step 3: Place Your Item in a Travel Safe Box and Fill in the Remaining Space with Packing Cushioning

Once the bread is prepped, line the shipping box with additional bubble wrap. Now that the bread and box are prepared, you can feel free to place the bread in a specialty food box with a window to provide recipients with a sneak peek. Place the bread in the center of the shipping container and fill all empty space with additional bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or loose fill. Give the box a gentle shake, and once the bread moves minimally, close the shipping box for further packaging.

Step 4: Seal the Box with the Necessary Items for Shipping

Once the bread and inside packaging look all good to go, it’s time to seal the box appropriately. Fill the top of the box with additional loosefill to protect the top of the bread loaf. Once that’s finished, tape up the box on all corners and folds to keep the package airlocked to preserve the bread’s freshness. Add a fragile sticker to the box as well, that way shipping personnel will handle the package carefully during its journey.

Step 5: Choose Overnight or Express Shipping

Now that we have covered how to package bread for shipping, it’s time to head to the local post office to send the bread on its way. When shipping bread, it’s highly suggested to choose an overnight or expressed shipping option rather than standard delivery. Especially for bread types that get stale quickly after being baked, it’s best to expedite the delivery process to maintain freshness. Also, make sure to notify the recipient that they will be getting an edible arrival sometime soon to prevent the package from getting left in non-ideal weather environments.

Find the Bread Shipping Supplies You Need at Paper Mart!

Learning how to package homemade bread is a great way to elevate your gift-giving plans, with loved ones sure to appreciate the fresh parcel waiting for them. Shipping bread carefully with the proper materials is a surefire way to make sure the bread arrives at your recipient fresh, edible, and all in one piece. PaperMart has the shipping and packaging supplies you need to ship bread successfully and professionally. With a wide variety of packaging supplies, you can trust you’ll find everything you need to mail bread at Paper Mart.

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