Easy Rituals of Executives: President Buffy Simoni Featured in Inc.

Paper Mart’s President, Buffy Simoni was recently featured in an article on Inc.com. Posted last week, this article is titled, “26 Easy Rituals These High Achievers Say Fuel  Their Success.” Buffy Simoni was one of 26 executives who shared their simple daily routines that helped them get ahead in business and life. 

This Inc.com article provides great insight into how high achievers go about their daily routine. All of the executives share very simple, yet helpful habits that they do on a daily basis. Some of these daily habits include: meditation, practicing acts of kindness, eating breakfast and morning workouts. Our President shared that her daily routine is to always take a mid-day break during the workday. 


Easy Rituals of Executives


Take a walking break mid-day.

“It’s easy to look at the lull in the middle of the day, when emails and phone calls slow somewhat, as an opportunity to push through that to-do list. But I find it critical to take those minutes to disconnect. A short walk helps refresh the body and releases tension but it also allows the brain to switch from focused thinking to a more diffuse mode that allows for better problem solving and idea generation. You will return energized and ready for more challenges.”

–Buffy Simoni, president of party and packaging supplier Paper Mart

Take Buffy’s advice and try taking a mid-day break the next time you are in the office. Hopefully, it will help re-energize you to tackle the rest of the day! Check out Inc.com’s article to read more easy rituals of executives. 


About Paper Mart President: Buffy Simoni

Buffy Frick Simoni is a fourth-generation daughter of the Frick family, and Paper Mart’s current President. Her diverse background and life-long involvement with Paper Mart offer the company strong leadership accompanied by a highly specialized skill set. 


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