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Working Through Adversity & Finding Family With Paper Mart

The past few years at Paper Mart have been a time of adversity, growth, and family. From the initial stages of the pandemic to the ongoing supply chain issues, our team has faced multiple types of adversity together. Through it all, we’ve grown to know and love each other’s habits, communication styles, and so much more. To speak to this, we touched base with Paper Mart Project Manager, Margaret Hicks.

Paper Mart team member, Margaret Hicks

About Margaret

As a project manager, Margaret has ensured the success of Paper Mart for over 40 years by maintaining a careful balance of support, communication, and organization within the team. This balance was integral during these past few years when we set out on operational endeavors. Each of the projects that Margaret has touched throughout the years has brought their own unique set of adversities. Through it all – and with extreme patience – Margaret has helped us grow and move these initiatives forward.

Here are some key insights on working through adversity from Margaret.

Everyone Has A Strength

The success of a project can be measured in a couple of different ways, like whether a profit has been made or the initial goals have been met. Other metrics that often go unsaid address the softer skills and working styles of your team, like how your team tackled certain challenges, how they’ve grown, how certain personalities work with each other, etc.

“I like getting to know the one or two things that you really like doing, and you’re really great at. That way, it’s not just one person doing the heavy lifting – it’s a whole team that’s helping lift the workload.

Project management is all about putting together a team that can round out the task at hand. This means not only getting to know the scope of the project and its overall goals, but the team members whose strengths speak to the project needs. Margaret states –

A lot of teamwork is being able to provide the support that each of us needs for that project – whether it’s through leadership, experience, or just patience.

Margaret points out the value in getting to know your team and supporting their strengths.

Embrace The Surprises

When it comes to growing and finding relationships through adversity, it is important to recognize the value in the small surprises and little moments. If you’re faced with a challenge, take a step back and acknowledge the unique team and space you’ve just created.

Whenever we accomplish something, it’s always as a team. It’s never just one person.”

When reflecting on a recent project, Margaret remembered it fondly as the first time she got to work alongside and got to know a fellow colleague.

“Throughout all my years of working with Cindy, you know, we’re the only two women in leadership positions in the warehouse and we’ve never really connected like this before.”

There is a very high emphasis on hard work and achieving a singular goal of a project. However, we’ve found that the personal connection and relationships created along the way warrant an equally high priority.

The Paper Mart Family Since 1921

As a 4th generation owned and operated family business, Paper Mart has recently celebrated 100 years of business. Our team includes over 250 employees all working together to deliver the best products and services in the industry. Every individual on our team plays an integral role in making Paper Mart a great place to work and grow.

Interested in joining the Paper Mart team? Visit our careers page today.

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