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Coffee Packaging Favors & Gifts: 3 Ways

Want to share your favorite coffee beans with loved ones? We’ve got a few ideas perfect for every personality. Check out these 3 coffee bean packaging options for favors and gifts!

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The Classic: Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Looking to recreate the nostalgic look of a coffee package found at your favorite coffee shop or store? Tin tie bags are the perfect choice. They’re easy to use and a favorite among grocery stores, delis, and retail spaces. 

paper mart kraft tin tie bag coffee gift with twine and label

Did you know? Tin tie bags are named for their flexible, tie top that allows you to open and close your bag easily. They also have gusset sides which expand for maximum storage space, and a flat bottom, which allows them to stand upright. They’re also extremely economical and often available in bulk. 

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Kraft Tin Tie Coffee Bags
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Personalized Gift Tag
flat lay of coffee packaging tin tie bag, bakers twine, coffee grounds, and label

How To Personalize A Classic Tin Tie Bag:

  1. First, carefully pour your loose coffee beans into your empty tin tie bag.
  2. Gently squeeze the air out of your coffee bag and roll the tin tie bag opening towards the bag bottom. Pinch each tin tie end towards the bag center to seal.
  3. Finally, weave your twine through your gift tag and tie it around your coffee bag.

The Bespoke & Boutique: Coffee Cups

A simple lined cup can be a great packaging option for coffee gifts. If you’re looking to make the gift a little more personal, pick a decorative cup or mug. If you’re packaging these coffee beans for several people, rely on a cup with a neutral surface. Here, we’re using a classic kraft colored to-go cup with a plain poly bag lining to create our coffee gift.  Choose a cup that has a solid surface to offer protection against sunlight.

coffee gift in a cup with raffia ribbon and label

Did You Know? When stored with a food-safe lining, containers with a solid or opaque exterior and airtight lid are great storage options for coffee beans. They can offer protection from sunlight to help protect the integrity of your beans.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Super Clear Gusseted Cello Bag
  • Kraft Ripple Hot Cup
  • Colored Matte Raffia Ribbon
  • Personalized Gift Tag
flat lay of coffee cup gift with cello bag, raffia ribbon, coffee grounds, and label

How To Personalize A To-Go Cup For Gifts:

  1. First, line the interior of your hot cup using your cello bag.
  2. Carefully pour your loose coffee beans into the newly lined cup. Once filled, gently pull the loose plastic opening upward.
  3. Next, weave your raffia ribbon through your tag.
  4. Wrap your raffia ribbon and tag around the loose opening and use your ribbon to cinch the bag top closed.
  5. After your bag has been closed, complete your package with a basic boutique bow.

Note: To create a basic boutique bow, make two loops with your cord, cross one over the other, tie them together. Tighten to secure, fluff out loops as desired, and let the ends curl gracefully downward.

Modern & Whimsical: Glass Jar Coffee Favor

For short-term display and gift purposes, a small, clear glass container is a great option for your coffee beans. Here, we’re using a round glass jar with oak bark, cork lid.

small coffee favor gift

Did You Know? Glass is an eco-friendly packaging material. It is strong, versatile, and is a universally trusted material for food and cosmetics.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Look

  • 4 oz Glass Jars With Cork Lid
  • Colored Jute Cord
  • Personalized Gift Tag
flat lay of coffee favor with jar, jute cord, coffee grounds, and label

How To Make A Pretty Glass Jar Gift:

  1. First, pour your loose coffee beans into your glass jar.
  2. Seal your jar using the cork lid.
  3. Tie your jute cord around the jar neck. Weave your gift tag through one loose jute cord and then finish with a bow.
flat lay of coffee packaging 3 ways

With just a few steps and supplies, you can create the perfect coffee favor and small gift for every need. How do you package your coffee bean gifts? Show us using our social tag #mypapermart. Loved this packaging how-to? Keep following our blog all year long for more DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

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