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How to Package and Ship Flowers in the Mail

Taking the steps to mail fresh flowers to a loved one is a thoughtful way to show that you care, as flowers on the doorsteps are a welcomed gift for just about anyone. While shipping fresh flowers is a lovely present, there are certain complexities to the shipping process that need to be considered prior to sending them on their way. Flowers are delicate and can easily become damaged during transit, so understanding the best shipping practices for them is a good move in order to make sure this gift is well-appreciated.

In this article we’ll explore how to ship flowers, as well as cover the best materials to gather in order to be prepared and ensure that the flowers arrive intact.

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How to Pack Flowers for Shipping

From the moment a flower is clipped from its stem, the clock is ticking for them to be properly enjoyed. Additionally, many flowers are prone to bruising and breakage if they’re bumped or tousled too much. This is why it’s especially crucial to gather the correct supplies and properly prepare any type of plant for shipping. To guarantee that flowers arrive safely and successfully to loved ones, follow this step-by-step guide for shipping fresh flowers.

Step 1: Gather Your Flower Shipping Supplies

The first step is to ensure you’ve gathered all the necessary supplies for shipping fresh flowers successfully. Due to the delicate time limit of this shipment, it’s smart to make sure all of these materials are available before even choosing the flowers.

  1. Packing Foam
  2. Cellophane Wrapping Paper
  3. Bubble Wrap
  4. Twist Ties
  5. Ribbon
  6. Crinkle Paper
  7. Shipping Box
  8. Packing Tape
  9. Gift Wrapping Paper

Step 2: How to Wrap Your Flowers for Shipping

After guaranteeing all supplies are good to go, it’s time to wrap the flowers for shipping. First, cut your flower stems to the desired length, then tie the stems together using twist ties. Afterwards, very carefully wrap the arrangement in cellophane wrapping paper. Make sure to not wrap the flowers too loosely or tightly to avoid flowers falling out or become squished over time.

Take extra care to tighten the wrapping paper only around the stems so that the flowers themselves are not smothered during transit. After you’ve wrapped the flowers, add a decorative ribbon to both elevate the presentation of this gift and make sure the wrapping paper stays in place.

Step 3: Pack Your Flowers in a Mail-Safe Box

When shipping fresh flowers, the top goal is to minimize the amount of movement that the flowers will be put through in order to prevent damage occurring. After you’ve wrapped the flowers, place them in the center of a mail-safe box. At this stage it’s important to provide plenty of cushioning to prevent flowers from moving around inside their home during the transit process. Packing foam and bubble wrap are great options for cushioning, so make sure that if you give the box a slight tousle so the flowers are not sliding around in any way.

Step 4: Place Your Box of Mail-Ready Flowers into a Larger Box

After wrapping your flowers and fortifying their place in their box, it’s time to add an additional layer of protection for this shipment. If the box were to be sent prior to this step, the odds of shipping personnel bumping and breaking the flowers inside are inherently more likely. In order to feel rest assured that these fresh flowers will ship correctly, place the box of flowers in the center of another larger mail-safe shipping box. Add additional cushioning around the smaller box to prevent it from moving around inside. The cushioning and additional wall of protection is bound to promise a safe and successful shipping of fresh flowers.

Step 5: Decorate the Box and Seal it in Preparation for Shipping

Decorating the box is a great way to show loved ones you care and add an additional level of personalization to this present. Make a strong visual impact by wrapping the box and decorating it in a way the recipient is bound to appreciate with colorful gift wrapping paper or decorative ribbons. This extra step is a fun and considerate way to make sure that this present is as beautiful on the outside as the floral contents that reside within.

Step 6: Address Your Package and Send It Off!

After you’ve properly wrapped and packaged your flowers, it’s time to head to the local post office. With any shipment that includes plants or flowers, there is an increased need for expedited shipping options in order to guarantee that the flowers do not get damaged, or even worse, perish during transit. Overnight or express shipping is the best choice for mailing fresh flowers, and indicating that the package is fragile is also strongly suggested.

Find the Supplies You Need for Shipping Fresh Flowers at Paper Mart

Now that we’ve covered how to ship flowers and learned the best practices for packaging them, it’s time to collect the materials needed to send this thoughtful gift. Paper Mart has an extensive selection of shipping materials that can help presents arrive as they’re intended, whether someone is looking to ship flowers or baked goods. You’ll be able to ship flowers to loved ones all over the world with these helpful tips.

Browse Paper Mart’s selection of floral packaging supplies today to get prepared for this thoughtful and touching present. Flowers are destined to arrive fresh and perfectly intact as long as you take the step to gather trustworthy and reliable shipping supplies at Paper Mart.

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