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September Customer of the Month: Rockow Catering & Killer Caramels

As we celebrate our centennial, we want to showcase the customers who have helped support us throughout the years with a Customer of the Month showcase, a series dedicated to recognizing our Paper Mart customers and their stories. 

We’re so happy to share the story of chef and entrepreneur, Jeff Rockow! The driving force behind Rockow Catering and their Killer Caramels. If you haven’t been enticed by Jeff’s food before, let us give you a quick introduction –  Rockow Catering is a Texas-based catering business whose mission is to redefine food and event production. Killer Caramels is the name of Jeff’s incredible homemade sea salt caramels. Learn more about the Rockow Catering and Killer Caramel story here!

Jeff Rockow of Rockow Catering holding a Paper Mart candy box filled with Killer Caramels

A Little Bit About Rockow Catering & Killer Caramels

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business! How did you get inspired to start?

RC: I’m a chef with my own catering business and a great side passion for making and selling amazing sea salt caramels I’ve named Killer Caramels.  I was born and raised in Mankato, Minnesota, but have been living in Dallas, Texas, for the past 17 years with my wife and children. 

Bottom line: I love to cook and make people happy with my creations. Family meals and cooking were a big part of my life growing up, and I just feel most at home in a kitchen. Professionally, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot in a number of positions over the years in kitchens at resorts, hotels, private schools, and fine dining establishments. I now work for myself and am having the time of my life.

Jeff Rockow of Rockow Catering waving in front of a truck decorated with colorful streamers

That’s great! It’s always wonderful to find your passion and run with it. Now, this is the moment where we usually ask if you have any favorite creations that you wanted to share, but it sounds like your sea salt caramels are your favorite! Tell us more about your Killer Caramels. 

RC: I make and sell Killer Caramels.  They are delicious homemade sea salt caramels served in a giftable gold box. I’d love to sell you some! We’re starting to ship and can do much more shipping as the weather cools down.

I’d love nothing more than a box of Killer Caramels! What are your thoughts on the importance of shopping family owned and local?

RC: I’m a small business owner, and my community has been incredibly supportive of both my catering and my caramel businesses.  It’s been an important part of my success.

Paper Mart With Rockow Catering & Killer Caramels

How did you hear about Paper Mart, how long have you been a customer with us, and what keeps you coming back?

RC: I found Paper Mart while searching for the perfect box to package and present my Killer Caramels.  I have really loved working with Paper Mart as they have helped me when I’ve been in a pinch before and low on inventory.  Paper Mart goes above and beyond to help me get the products I need.

What are your favorite Paper Mart products and why do you love them?

RC: I buy the gold candy boxes for my Killer Caramels at Paper Mart.  It sets my product apart from the rest. Thank you Paper Mart!

Killer Caramels, salted caramel candy, displayed in a gold Paper Mart candy box

Shop Jeff’s Favorites & More

Paper Mart Supports Turning Your Passions Into A Reality

Whether you’re a novice baker exploring your craft or a professional chef prepping for a large-scale catering event, we’re here to support you! We want you to know that we’re always ready with quality packaging supplies for your business and professional packaging advice. From food-safe candy boxes to single-serve, disposable bags and labels for safe distribution, we’ve got your business covered. 

These images are courtesy of Rockow Catering. If you want to follow along with Jeff’s culinary achievements, check out the official Rockow Catering or Killer Caramel social media (Facebook: Rockow Catering, Killer Caramels and Instagram @Rockow Catering) and check out the Rockow Catering or Killer Caramel websites!

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