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How to Package and Ship Coffee in the Mail

Coffee lovers can agree that nothing compares to a fresh, warm cup of coffee. Whether it’s a necessary part of a morning routine or sipping casually while catching up with friends, coffee holds a special place in our hearts. Sending coffee to a loved one is a great way to show you care and share the blends you find the most flavorful from afar. While this gift idea is brewing with great potential, there are also certain elements to consider before mailing coffee beans in order to make sure that the beans do not arrive to their location stale, broken, or worse, spilled throughout the shipping container. Good coffee is fresh coffee, so taking the extra measures to package coffee beans correctly for the journey is the best way to ensure this idea goes as planned. 

Whether you’re a roaster sending coffee to customers or you’re simply looking to send one or two bags of your favorite coffee beans to a friend, there is a method to shipping coffee that guarantees a safe arrival. Let’s explore our step-by-step guide for shipping coffee so that you can feel rest assured that their first sip will taste just right. 

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How to Pack Coffee for Shipping

Sending coffee to someone is the perfect way to share a cup with someone far away. The trickiest part about coffee shipping requirements is that coffee’s taste can easily be affected by the beans becoming compromised during transit, whether that’s by air getting to the coffee or damage occurring along the way. That’s why it’s important to ship coffee carefully, and luckily our step-by-step guide can help guarantee coffee beans taste as they should upon arrival.

Step 1 – Gather the necessary materials to pack coffee safely

First things first, collect the supplies necessary for successfully shipping coffee. It’s important to gather the correct materials to avoid breakage and keep coffee beans air-tight and fresh for their arrival. Make sure to gather the materials prior to the packing process to keep coffee tasting great once the trip is done. 

  1. Loose Fill
  2. Bubble Wrap 
  3. Shipping Box
  4. Optional: Coffee Bags

Step 2 – Package the Coffee 

If you’re sending a sampling of coffee you’ve already opened, coffee bags are the perfect way to send some loose grounds to a loved one. The number one goal when shipping coffee is to avoid oxygen getting to the beans as much as possible, so don’t grind the beans prior to placing them in the coffee bag. Pour the coffee beans into the bag and make sure to quickly get air out prior to closing and fastening the bag. 

If you’re sending a pre-packaged bag of coffee or have prepared your own coffee bags, it’s time to wrap the coffee bag in bubble wrap in order to provide a protective barrier around the beans. Repeat this step for all bags of coffee in order to keep the full contents of this shipment safe.

Step 3 – Place your item in a travel safe box and fill in the remaining space with packing cushioning

Once the coffee has been protected with bubble wrap, it’s time to prepare the shipping box. When preparing the box, line the bottom with additional bubble wrap to provide padding for the coffee. Once this has been accomplished, place coffee bags inside and fill in any space with loose fill, such as packing foam or packing peanuts. This will protect coffee from shifting around too much during transit.

Step 4 – Seal the box with the necessary items for shipping 

Once the shipping box has been properly padded and beans are well-protected, seal the box using packing tape, paying extra attention to closing it completely to let no air inside. Once you’re ready to head to the local post office, it’s highly suggested to consider expedited shipping options. Especially for beans that have already been opened, shipping coffee can be a race against the clock in terms of keeping beans tasting the way the roastery intended. Choosing overnight shipping is the best way to get beans to their recipient quickly, and adding a fragile sticker to any edible shipment is effective for keeping contents safer along the way. 

Find the Coffee Shipping Supplies You Need at Paper Mart

Shipping coffee doesn’t have to be a complicated process by planning properly and gathering the correct shipping supplies. Paper Mart makes shipping coffee simple and easy with our extensive collection of materials and supplies that are perfect for shipping anything edible, from coffee to cakes. Packaging contents in the correct way is the biggest part of successfully shipping anything, and Paper Mart has the shipping supplies you need to begin. Browse Paper Mart’s collection of materials and supplies today to start shipping coffee like a professional.


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