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DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

From beginner to intermediate macramé levels, we’re sharing our favorite macramé techniques to create a beautiful macrame plant hanger. Check it out here!

Macramé – What Is It?

Macramé is a form of textile art that relies on a series of knots to create things like hammocks, wall hangings, home goods, jewelry, and more. Depending on the techniques and knot styles being used, macramé can be a fun and easy craft for those who like to work with their hands. Here, we’ll show you a couple of basic knotting techniques to get started and make your own decorative macramé plant hanger.

A Basic Knot & Plant Hanger Craft For Beginners

For our basic plant hanger, we’ll be using a simple, single strand Overhand Knot. This technique is a great starting point for knot tying and macramé.

You’ll Need:

  • Twine
  • Jars
  • Scissors
  • Large Stick / Branch

FYI: Shop the twine, jars, and other craft supplies you’ll need for this craft at

flat lay image of Paper Mart craft supplies for a macrame plant hanger

Here’s How To Make This Easy Hanging Glass Vase Decoration

  1. First, trim your twine. When it comes to macramé, it’s best to have more of your material to work with than less. For this plant hanger, we cut 8 pieces of twine, each measuring 36” long.
  2. Next, create a large, sturdy Overhand Knot. Use your twine to form a loop and weave the shorter ends through that loop. The shorter strands should have the look of a tassel.
  3. After your large knot has been made, separate the strands into 4 sections (2 pieces per section) and repeat this knotting technique with each section. The result should be 4 sections joined together by 4 knots.
  4. Once all your knots have been made, insert your jar into the center of your knot art and tie one last large knot above it.
  5. Next, tie your plant hanger to your large stick / branch. Create as many plant hangers as you like and hang them all.
  6. Trim another long piece of twine and attach an end to each side of your large stick / branch. 
  7. Finally, hang and enjoy. Fill your jars with water and flowers or soil and small plants. Hang and enjoy your beautiful handiwork!
styled photograph of three jars filled with flowers, hanging from three macrame plant hangers

Feeling Knotty? Try These Intermediate Macramé Knots

If you’re ready to upgrade your macramé skills and create more complex knot styles, we can help. Here are a couple of our favorite macramé knots and how to make them!

image of three macrame plant hangers with different knot styles

Square (Reef) Knots

To tie a Square Knot, you’ll need two lengths of twine. Cross one end of your twine over the other (one towards the left the other towards the right). Next take the loose loop with the end on the left and pass the other end through it to form a loose square shape. Pull the ends to tighten.

Here is an amazing step-by-step by our friends over at Animated Knots by Grog™! For more knot stylings, please be sure to give their site a visit at

Spiral Knots

Spiral Knots use the same technique as the square knot (crossing opposing ends through opposing loops to create a square shape). However, with a Spiral Knot you want to only create one half of your Square Knot, and alternate the direction the cords move. As the cords move into a certain direction, they will naturally twist and create a signature spiral shape. 

Getting Creative With Styling Knots & Embellishments

A great way to personalize a macramé creation is by alternating styles or adding decorative embellishments like glass beads. Here, we’ve made a few plant hangers by alternating square knots and alternating spiral knots. This technique also provides more stability to your hanger and keeps your container secure.

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