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DIY Patriotic Centerpiece: 4th of July Table Runner

Dress up your 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day tablescape with this bold deco mesh centerpiece. Let us show you how to make this red, white, and blue table runner today!

flat lay of a festive 4th of july deco mesh centerpiece

Here’s How To Make A Deco Mesh Centerpiece For The Summer

Deco mesh decorations are a great way to incorporate a certain color or theme into your celebrations. For the upcoming summer holidays, we made a 3’ table runner using a classic color combination and patterned flag ribbon embellishments. Feel free to use other prints, patterns, or color combinations to fit your festivities. 

flat lay of Paper Mart craft supplies

You’ll Need

  • Floral Wire
  • 21” Deco Mesh (Burgundy/Red, Crystal, Royal)
  • Patriotic Pattern Ribbon (We used the Cotton American Flag Ribbon!)
  • Elegancy Fabric Ribbon (Red, White, Royal)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Wire Cutters

FYI: Shop the deco mesh, floral wire, and ribbons you’ll need for this craft at

close up of deco mesh table runner

Here’s How To Make Your Own Patriotic Runner

First: Prep Your Deco Mesh & Ribbon

  • Starting with your blue deco mesh roll, roll your deco mesh out flat and trim a 7-1/2” long piece. To ensure we had enough deco mesh to make a fluffy runner, we trimmed 23 pieces. Repeat with each color and set aside when done.
  • After your deco mesh has been cut, take your roll of red ribbon and trim a 9-1/2” long piece. For an even spread of ribbon colors throughout the runner, we trimmed 17 strips. Repeat with the white, royal, and flag rolls of ribbon. Set aside when done.

Next: Form Your Runner

  • To help keep the body of your deco mesh runner stable, unwind approximately 5’ of floral wire and set aside.
  • Take a red deco mesh piece and pinch the center with your fingers.  Keeping the center pinched, roll up the piece of deco mesh through its center. This will add maximum volume to your runner, keeping the center tight and pinched allows the edges to naturally come up to form a more loose roll shape. 
  • Finish the deco mesh shape with a ribbon embellishment. Take your flag patterned ribbon and place it on the pinched center of your rolled deco mesh. 
  • Next, tightly twist an end of your floral wire around the deco mesh and ribbon. Repeat with your pieces of deco mesh and ribbons.
  • Once your deco mesh and ribbons have all been added, take your wire cutters and trim your floral wire.
  • Finish with trimming the ends of your ribbon with your scissors.  We cut fish tails at the end of our ribbons.

Storing Your Deco Mesh Decorations

Our favorite thing about deco mesh is that it is flexible, easy to work with, and keeps its structure. These qualities make our crafts and decorations long-lasting and easy to store. To help keep your deco mesh pristine, simply store in a cool, dry place, away from exposure to direct sunlight and it will be ready for your next summer celebration.

deco mesh runner displayed alongside 4th of july decorations

How are you decorating for your outdoor gatherings? Share your ideas with us using the #MyPaperMart social tag! We love seeing the things you create! Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram and stay tuned for more how-to’s, Paper Mart news, product features, and more!

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