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June Customer of the Month: Charcuterie Highlights

As we celebrate our centennial, we want to showcase the customers who have helped support us throughout the years with a Customer of the Month showcase, a series dedicated to recognizing our Paper Mart customers and their stories. 

Portrait of founder and director of Charcuterie Highlights, Shadan Yazdani

Today we’re sharing the story of Shadan Yazdani, the founder and director of Charcuterie Highlights. If you haven’t seen their beautiful boards before, let us give you a quick introduction –  Charcuterie Highlights is a Canadian-based business that strives to make tastebuds happy through curated party platters. Learn more about Shadan’s story here!

A Little Bit About Charcuterie Highlights

It’s not a secret – we love a beautifully styled charcuterie board so we’re very excited to ogle at your photos and share your story. Before we jump into it, would you be able to give our readers a little peek into your story and how you got inspired to start Charcuterie Highlights? 

CH: I was born and raised in Iran, a country where food is keeping the culture and origins alive. Our culture has historically integrated with cuisine!

kraft brown bakery box from Paper Mart decorated by Charcuterie Highlights

Therefore as an Iranian, my world has always revolved around food. I have always loved to be a part of people’s joy and that’s why I made Charcuterie Highlights happen. I started this business after being encouraged by my family and friends.

My biggest mission when I established this business was to bring people together with food. Because food is the universal language and creates a world to share our love.

Love this story! Within your business, I’m sure that you’ve explored a wide variety of charcuterie boards and flavors. Do you have any favorite or memorable creations that you wanted to share with us? 

CH: The whole business is my passion but my favourite part is setting charcuterie tables which I didn’t get to do because of the pandemic, and I am looking forward to it! Hopefully events and parties will start little by little after easing the restrictions.

Yes, absolutely. The entire experience of sharing a meal with loved ones is very special and definitely helps build family and community. As we are slowly transitioning back to more communal meals and experiences, I’m sure that you will find more opportunities to help strengthen the Charcuterie Highlights mission. 

As you know, we’re celebrating our 100th year as a family-owned business and we couldn’t have done it without your support throughout the years. What are your thoughts on the importance of shopping family owned and local?

CH: I have always tried my best to shop locally to help small or family owned businesses grow! It’s even more important now, to shop family owned and local in these hard times, we have to play our part in their progress!

small food snacks inside a square kraft bakery box from Paper Mart

Charcuterie Highlights + Paper Mart

How did you hear about Paper Mart, how long have you been a customer with us, and what keeps you coming back?

CH: I heard from a friend of mine who is also your customer. I have been your customer for more than a year now and I have the privilege to use your products. It’s the Paper Mart quality that is my number one motivation to come back!

What are your favorite Paper Mart products and why do you love them?

CH: My favourite product is the 8×8 kraft bakery boxes. They’re a perfect match for my charcuterie spreads. They’re easy to assemble and beautifully designed!

Shop Shadan’s Favorites & More

Paper Mart Supports Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

From your first batch of snack boxes to your first large-scale catering job, we’re here for you! We want you to know that we’re always ready to support you and your business with quality supplies for your business and professional packaging advice. From food-safe boxes to help store your curated cheese and snack boards to single-serve, disposable bags and labels for safe distribution, we’ve got your business covered. 

These images are courtesy of Charcuterie Highlights. If you want to check out Shadan’s curated snack boards and platters, follow the official Charcuterie Highlights social media (Instagram, Facebook) and check out their website!

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