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How to Package and Ship Makeup in the Mail

While the popularity of makeup isn’t going anywhere, shipping makeup can provide unique challenges for those looking to send makeup near or far. Whether it’s a cosmetic company, or simply a part of a gift during the holiday season, making sure that makeup arrives without getting damaged is a crucial part of properly sending cosmetics in the mail. Makeup comes in many forms, from liquid foundations to powder eyeshadow palettes, and each of these products will have specific shipping requirements to ensure the recipient doesn’t open their package to a big mess. The price point of cosmetics is all over the board, with many products carrying a high value that you don’t want to become compromised due to the shipping methods used for makeup.

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In this article, we’ll explore how to ship makeup in a way that will guarantee a safe transit, as well as what materials can be found at Paper Mart that will help with this task. 

How to Pack Makeup for Shipping

It’s always a disaster when an eyeshadow palette or a powder makeup product becomes cracked due to the slightest bump. Not only does the makeup itself need to be considered for shipping makeup, the container it’s packaged in matters just as much as many cosmetics come in glass containers that can shatter without proper steps taken. Luckily, this step-by-step guide for shipping makeup allows you to know the best ways to package and ship makeup to feel rest assured that the products will be able to be used as intended. 

Step 1 – Gather Necessary Materials To Pack Makeup Safely

First things first, it’s important to gather the appropriate supplies for packaging makeup before beginning this project. You’ll want to avoid needing to run to the store last minute to grab more materials, so ensure that all items are present before beginning to avoid hiccups down the line. Some of the suggested materials for those looking to ship makeup include:

Step 2 – Choose the correct container for the product

If you’re intending to package makeup products yourself as a homemade gift or personal business venture, choosing the correct container for the makeup product is an important part of being able to ship the cosmetic successfully. Many makeup products can melt or become damaged in the presence of moisture, so choosing airtight and shock-proof containers such as plastic jars or metal tins is a good choice. These will provide adequate protection against the elements while also keeping products in a suitable vessel for not compromising the makeup item.

Step 3 – Wrap the Makeup

Wrapping makeup is the most involved and important step of knowing how to ship makeup. Each item will vary on its requirements based on its fragility, with eyeshadow palettes, pressed foundations, glass containers of foundation, and other shatterable items needing the most caution during packaging. For more durable items, it’s always an option to toss a few in a makeup cosmetic bag, as these will provide an airtight venue for the cosmetic for the journey without needing to completely conceal its contents. There are also cosmetic boxes that are great for business owners looking to add a flash of their branding to their shipment. For the more delicate items, wrapping each in a sufficient amount of bubble wrap is highly suggested to shock-proof the cosmetic against the shipping container and other items within the package. 

Step 4 – Place Your Item In A Travel Safe Box Or Padded Envelope And Fill In Any Remaining Space With Packing Cushioning

After individually wrapping the makeup products in a manner that will guarantee their safety, it’s time to prepare their shipping container. After grabbing your shipping box, provide padding on the bottom and sides before placing the products inside to add a barrier against any transit-related damage. After placing the items inside, fill any remaining space in the container with either additional bubble wrap, packing foam, or loose-fill to minimize movement within the package. After cushioning and placing the items the way you feel the recipient will enjoy, give the box a gentle shake to ensure that the items will not move during the journey. If items don’t move around, it’s almost time for the last step. 

Step 5 – Seal The Box With The Necessary Items For Shipping

After sealing the shipping container with packing tape, it’s time to head to the local post office to finally ship makeup items. If you’re sending makeup to a cold environment shipping time is pretty irrelevant, however, if makeup is being sent to a warm climate you run the risk of items arriving melted, distorted, or outright damaged. In these situations, it’s recommended to choose an expedited shipping option that can ensure the package is only in transit for a few days. It’s also highly suggested to indicate that the package is fragile to guarantee shipping personnel can exercise a bit more caution when handling the package. 

Find the Makeup Shipping Supplies You Need at Paper Mart

By understanding the proper ways to ship makeup, you’re able to feel at peace about sending cosmetics and knowing they’ll arrive at their destination in the intended state. Makeup is designed for longevity in mind, and shortening a product’s lifespan can easily happen without making sure to gather the correct supplies and take the proper steps in learning how to ship makeup. By carefully packaging the items to prevent damage and choosing the correct shipping options for the package, you’ll be on your way to shipping cosmetics like a professional makeup mogul. 

At Paper Mart, we have an extensive selection of shipping and packing supplies that can address any shipping need. With a wide collection of shipping supplies and wrapping materials, you’ll be able to package and ship anything from makeup items to baked goods without worrying about damage occurring in transit. Explore Paper Mart’s selection to streamline your shipping needs and gather the materials needed to successfully ship makeup today.

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