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[VIDEO] DIY New Year’s Eve Party In A Box

This year, we’re redefining what it means to connect with our loved ones and celebrate the holidays. Although we may not all be together in one place on New Year’s Eve, we’re determined to welcome the upcoming year with festive decorations and a lot of noise! To make this happen, we built our own New Year’s Eve party in a box. Here’s how we did it.




Packing A Party In A Box? We’ve Got A Few Tips

When it comes to traditional party planning, there are a couple of must-haves that need to be assembled, decorations, food, and party fun. When it comes to shipping a party in a box, we still prioritize the traditional elements of decor and party fun, but we add a little more to make sure our party arrives safely. If you’re planning on building your own party in a box, we recommend considering safety precautions like a sturdy shipping box, reliable cushioning, and clear labels.

Shipping Must Haves & Tips For Your Party Box

  • Shipping Box: Sometimes packages are being jostled or dropped when they’re being handled. To help minimize the impact of these potential situations, we recommend shipping boxes made of ultra-durable materials like thick, corrugated cardboard. 
  • Cushioning: To help minimize damage to your items, remember to wrap your items with cushioning to provide support on all sides.
  • Shipping Labels: Make sure your items arrive safely to their destination with a clear label on the front of your package. Use labels with a solid white background and address your package with blue or black ink. A clearly written label helps third-party carriers transport your items easier than a label with a busy background.

FYI: For more details on shipping delicate items safely, check out our handy packaging guide here!

Our New Year’s Eve Party Box

Nothing says glamour like metallics, sparkles, and a little bit of bubbly! We’ve packed our party box with these glamorous party favorites.

You’ll Need

party in a box

How To Build A Party In A Box

1.) Add a layer of crinkle paper to the box bottom and sides.

2.) Fill your New Year’s Eve Box with your fun decorations, party supplies and essentials.

3.) Once filled with your party necessities, fill in any empty space within your box with more crinkle paper.

4.) Next, close your box, seal it with shipping tape, label the front, and send it to your loved ones! 

DIY Our NYE Party Essential: The Shaker

DIY pillow box shakers for a party in a box

What’s a party without a little noise making fun? Ring in the New Year with these easy-to-make pillow box shakers.

You’ll Need

DIY materials

How To Make Your Own Festive Shaker

1.) First, make your shaker handle. Using your box cutter and a pillow box, carefully cut a small horizontal opening into the bottom of your pillow box. 

2.) Once your opening has been made, take your popsicle stick and insert it into the box bottom. Close to create the structure of your shaker body.

pillow shaker handle

3.) Next, take your pillow box and add a small handful of dried beans. Close the top to secure the beans.

pillow shaker and dried beans

4.) Finally, use your washi tape to decorate your shaker surface! 

decorated pillow shaker

5.) Once your shaker has been made, feel free to shake it up and celebrate the new year!

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