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Easy Gift: Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit

This year we’re spending the holidays close to home and celebrating sweetly wrapped up in a blanket, with a warm cup of hot cocoa in hand. To help share these cozy moments with our loved ones, we’ve created this hot chocolate kit. 

DIY hot chocolate gift

This hot chocolate gift is kid-friendly and the perfect way to get the whole family involved in the gifting process. In three steps, we’ll walk you through how we use common household items to create a super simple cute hot cocoa kit. Check it out!

DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Kit 

When you’re thinking about putting together a small gift like a hot cocoa kit, consider personalizing it with your favorite small toppings. We love melt-in-your-mouth mini marshmallows and peppermints, so that’s what we’re including in our kit. If you love your drinks a little on the spicy side, feel free to add warming spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and more. The possibilities are endless!

You’ll Need

DIY hot cocoa kit materials

How To Make Your Own Snowman Hot Cocoa Kit In 3 Easy Steps

1.) First, prep your snowman body. Using your round glass jars, carefully add your favorite cocoa and toppings into each jar. Once finished, twist the lid top on, add a spot of hot glue to the lid top, and glue your jars on top of each other.

first step to making a hot cocoa gift

2.) Once your snowman’s body has been made, use your permanent marker and ribbon to give them a little personality! We gave our snowman a smiling face and used the gingham ribbon to create a little scarf to keep them warm. 

snowman with scarf gift

3.) Next, complete the look with a cozy winter hat. To make the top hat, simply use your scissors to cut a circle from the black poster board and glue it to the center of your black plastic jar lid. To make sure your snowman’s hat doesn’t fall, add a little dot of hot glue to the top of your snowman’s head and gently press the hat on.

diy paper hat for small gift

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hot cocoa gift how to

With a little creativity and a few simple household items, you can create your own DIY hot chocolate gift! Loved this How-To? Us too! We’ll be making more all year long, so stay tuned for more DIY videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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