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Retail Trend: A Winter Wonderland Window Display

Are you ready to create a winter wonderland statement piece for your window display? Here are a couple of tips on how you can bring to life your winter wonderland dreams for the Christmas and New Year’s season! 

winter wonderland window display mannequin madness

A Little Window Display Know-How: What Is A Window Display?

We believe that window displays are ways for us to communicate our brand story to our customers, new and returning. For new customers, window display advertising can be the first point of contact they will have with your business. For returning clientele, a retail display is a great way to help strengthen the relationship with your business and encourage returning business. 

Bringing Some Icy Glamour To Your Window Display

If you’re looking to encapsulate the feeling of a luxury of winter, we can help. We’ve curated a selection of craft supplies and essentials just for window displays! Within our selection, we include items made of durable, quality materials able to withstand natural elements like sun exposure, wind, and more. Here, we’ve used deco mesh, metallic wired ribbons, and our Mannequin Madness dress form! 

Durable Window Display Supplies For The Holidays

  • Deco Mesh | When you’re looking to make a statement, deco mesh is a favorite among visual merchandisers and installation artists. It is available in many different colors and styles for every season, it is also easy to work with, and it maintains shape and volume easily. 
  • Ribbon | Ribbons are an easy way to enhance and create a big impact. They’re great because they are available in a variety of materials, textures, and patterns. 

FYI! If you’re interested in dressing up your storefront with a mannequin or you want to get inspired with more tutorials, visit Mannequin Madness and use the promo code PaperMart15 for 15% off mannequins!

winter display mannequin

The Key To An Inspiring & Approachable Display: Balance 

When it comes to holiday retail display advertising, it’s easy to let your creativity run wild! We’ve found that window displays can feature large scale and extravagant creations. While this can inspire your customers, it does have the potential to overwhelm them as well. To help keep your display and brand voice approachable, we recommend adding small elements to your display that can be easily made at home. 

With our Winter Wonderland-inspired display, we got ultra creative and designed a floor length, multi-layered deco mesh skirt with a metallic crown of ornaments. To help tie the look together, we included simple ribbon accessories. 

How We Made Our Fancy Tiered Deco Mesh Skirt & Bodice

Our skirt is primarily made up of layers of 21” deco mesh and lamé fabric woven throughout the wire frame of a tomato cage wrapped around our mannequin’s waist. While this may sound daunting, the entire process was fairly easy. Here’s how we did it!

You’ll Need

How To Make A Glamorous Skirt Using A Tomato Cage

1.) First, you’ll want to prep and secure your wire frame body onto the mannequin. Using your wire frame and cutters, wrap the frame around your mannequin’s waist. To secure the frame, gently push any loose wire ends together. 

2.) Next, begin to form your tiered deco mesh layers. Take your light blue deco mesh and silver lamé fabric and begin to create your deco mesh layers. Starting from the top of your wire frame, weave your deco mesh and silver fabric in and out of the frame body, creating large, voluminous shapes. working your way downwards. Repeat this process with your royal deco mesh.

Note: When working with deco mesh, it is important to keep in mind the extra sturdy texture the material possesses. To create depth and dimension, we relied on the sturdy deco mesh texture to naturally create large, dramatic shapes as we went through the weaving motion.

3.) After weaving your light blue and royal deco mesh throughout, you may have empty spots within your skirt. Don’t worry! Fill in any empty spots within your frame using the crystal / iridescent deco mesh. Repeat this until the frame is completely filled.

4.) Once your skirt is completely formed, accent the surface with snowflake embellishments.

Here’s How We Made Our Gold Bodice & Accessories

For The Bodice, You’ll Need

How To Make A Simple Gold Bodice & Bow Belt For A Mannequin

1.) First, take your gold lamé fabric and loosely wrap it around your mannequin torso and chest. 

2.) Once your fabric is wrapped, tighten it at the back to create a fitted look. Use hot glue to secure.

3.) For the belt, wrap your silver ribbon around the waist of your mannequin and secure with hot glue. 

4.) Then, use your ribbon to create a dramatic Tails Down Bow. Simply creating two loops, cross one loop over the other, and tying them together. Tighten to secure and use your hands to gently fluff out the bow loops as desired for more shape. For a dramatic look, use the wired edges of your bow tails to shape a cascading motion towards the bottom of your skirt. Secure to the center of your belt with hot glue.

For The Snowflake Choker Accent, You’ll Need

1.) Use a tape measure to get the neck circumference of your mannequin and trim your snowflake ribbon accordingly. This will be the main focus of your choker necklace.

2.) After your snowflake ribbon is cut to size, trim your choker base. Take your gold metallic ribbon and measure a length approximately 3 times your original measurement. 

3.) Use hot glue to attach your snowflake ribbon to the center of your gold metallic base.

4.) Wrap the snowflake ribbon around the neck of your form with the loose metallic ribbon ends at the back and finish by tying a simple bow to keep the choker in place.

Retail Store Display Supplies At Paper Mart

Seasonal window displays can be made from the most unexpected materials. If you’re looking for window display supplies, check out our wide variety of craft supplies here!

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