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Deco mesh comes in a variety of colors and is a favorite for party decorations.  As it appears to be quite popular with Paper Mart shoppers, we’ve put together guides on decorating using deco mesh.

6 Different Types of Fabric and When to Use Them

As the fall crafting season kicks off, look to these types of fabric for project inspiration.


Whether you’re a veteran crafter or just trying your hand at the sewing machine for the first time, testing out different materials is a great way to get inspired. After all, the fabric you choose sets the tone for your whole …Continue Reading »

5 Brilliant Ideas for a Patriotic Fourth of July Store Display

With these Fourth of July display and décor ideas, your store will make a splash — from sea to shining sea.


As winter melts into spring and spring heats up into summer, everyone looks forward to a few seasonal delights, namely: the beach, barbeques, and the Fourth of July. If you’re a small business owner, that …Continue Reading »

Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas to Add Holiday Cheer

Regardless of what you think of holiday festivities or hosting relatives, everyone appreciates awesome decorations. During winter celebrations like Christmas, wreaths are in abundance, however, so you may find it hard to keep your enthusiasm perked. A simple change of perspective can do wonders.

Fortunately, you can inject fresh life and awesome style into your surroundings …Continue Reading »