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6 Different Types of Fabric and When to Use Them

As the fall crafting season kicks off, look to these types of fabric for project inspiration.



Whether you’re a veteran crafter or just trying your hand at the sewing machine for the first time, testing out different materials is a great way to get inspired. After all, the fabric you choose sets the tone for your whole project. Are you going for a natural look or a glamorous one? Will your finished product need to withstand wear and tear or sit peacefully as a centerpiece?

Whatever your next project demands, the right fabric can help you get the job done. Start your fall crafting off right with one of these six fabrics, and watch your creativity take off.


1. Jute and Burlap

When you want to give your crafts a natural, earthy look, choose jute and burlap as your fabric foundation. Add rustic touches to the dining room with placemats and table runners made from jute. Alternatively, give your living spaces a homey feel with crocheted baskets made from jute cord and wreaths accented with burlap ribbon.


2. Deco Mesh

Available in a wide variety of styles and colors — not to mention that it’s exceptionally easy to work with — deco mesh is an ideal fabric for florists, decorators, and crafters alike. Deco mesh can be cut, molded, shaped, and folded into just about any design you can think of, making it a particularly popular material for seasonal wreath-making. Consider celebrating fall by adorning your front door with a deco mesh ladybug or bumblebee!


3. Tulle

There’s a reason we associate tulle with ballerinas. Just like the dancers who wear it, this fabric looks delicate but is deceptively strong. Tulle’s hexagonal mesh construction makes it extremely durable so it can be scrunched, twisted, and tied but will still bounce back into shape. This makes tulle a great material for crafts with kids, such as pom-pom balls, hair bows and crowns, and bed canopies!


4. Lace

To give your crafts a romantic, old-fashioned feel, lace is a great option. This fall, add a touch of whimsy to your home with lace runners. Or, tie your hair back with a stylish, lightweight lace headband. If paper crafts are more your speed, give your greeting cards or event invitations a classic look by adding lace borders.


5. Lamé

If you love crafts that shimmer and shine, lamé is the fabric for you. In lightweight silver and gold, lamé fabric brings a bit of Hollywood glamour to any project. Use it to make gift bags, coin purses, or jewelry bags, and tie them off with a colorful splash of lamé ribbon.


6. Organza Bags

Once you’ve finished a project, you need the right packaging to show it off. Organza bags put the finishing touch on gifts and items for sale. The sheer fabric both showcases and protects your hard work. With organza bags for every season and occasion, use this fabric to send your homemade jewelry, sweets, and candles into the world with class.

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