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Paper Mart’s 2018 Holiday Packaging Guide

Let your holiday packaging speak for itself this season. Create appealing and affordable packaging designs that your customers will love.


holiday packaging


No matter what kind of business you run, it’s essential to consider your holiday packaging with care. Whatever you use should keep your product safe and secure for delivery, but should also align with your brand aesthetic and holiday marketing strategy. Delight your customers with special packaging this holiday season — take a look at our guide to find the right material for your specific business needs.


Gift & Stationery Stores

Paper Mart’s custom-made colored corrugated mailing box is ideal for packaging up paper products and special gifts. The deluxe high gloss finish adds a special holiday touch, while the tuck top and lock tab add stability and security for heavier items. These boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and are shipped flat for wholesale and bulk orders. Simply add custom labels, and you’re good to go!


Local Bakeries

Keep those holiday pastries fresh and pristine on delivery with Paper Mart’s bakery boxes. Our solid white bakery boxes are heavy duty and are easy to assemble. These boxes arrive in flat sheets, but simply open the box and pop both sides into place for quick and easy assembly.


holiday packagingJewelers

Natural Kraft jewelry boxes are ideal for jewelry and other small keepsakes. The sturdy chipboard box protects your items during transit, and the natural Kraft paper cover is the perfect blank canvas for your logo or seasonal branding. The boxes come pre-assembled and are lined with an inner cotton fill pad to keep delicate items safe.


Specialty Candy Stores

The bright colors and patterns of your store’s candy are the true selling point, so why not show them off with these clear plastic boxes? Not only will your sweets be on full display, but the tuck-in tops and lock-tab bottoms will keep your candies secure during delivery. We also offer gold, silver, or kraft bottom pads to add a little more dazzle to the inside of your box.


Local Grocers

Add a bit of flair to your brown shopping bags this holiday season. Choose from two styles of paper bags. Our shopping bags are convenient for customers to use with the sturdy flat brown handles. Your customers will be able to carry out their food purchases with ease. 


Boutique Clothing Stores

Wrap those lovely winter sweaters and scarves in thick, high-grade, snow-white tissue paper. The buffered, acid-free paper will hold up over time and will protect the gorgeous clothes your customers have purchased from the elements. We include 960 sheets per package, but you can also buy tissue paper in rolls.


holiday packagingDelis

When your deli is catering local events, you’ll want to make sure that your goods are wrapped and displayed in food-safe tissue paper. Paper Mart’s high-performance dry wax tissue comes in flat 12″ x 12″ sheets with a handy dispenser box. Use the sheets to line baskets or catering boxes for a holiday party. Our food tissue comes in basic white for a classic look, but we also offer a bright array of festive colors and prints.


Everyday Candy Stores

Sweets and treats are a top seller around the holidays. Make sure those gumdrops and ribbon candies are safe and protected in clear, food-safe cello bags. The bags keep your candies safe and sanitary while prominently displaying the colors of your holiday treat. Add your holiday branding or logo, and your Christmas packaging is complete.


Craft & Office Supply Stores

Wrap your customers’ holiday crafting or office supplies in one of Paper Mart’s brown paper merchandise bags. They’re perfect for in-store purchases of smaller, slimmer items, like greeting cards, gift cards, magazines, or even small clothing items. For a small additional fee, we can even add your store’s logo!


holiday packagingToy Stores

Paper Mart’s premium glossy euro tote bags come in a selection of bright, cheerful colors. Thanks to the heavy gloss-coated paper and the corded, reinforced handles, your bags will be sure to hold up while stuffed to the brim with holiday goodies. Great for Christmas markets, party favors, or other seasonal treats!


Glassware & Pottery Makers

Handmade pottery or pretty glassware is a favorite Christmas gift for many. Make sure your fragile creations are packaged securely with Natural Shredded Wood Excelsior. The material not only protects your items during shipping, but also makes a great base for displaying your products. Paper Mart offers a wide selection of colors and styles, from solids and metallics to mixed blends. Try mixing and matching colors to complement your holiday branding.


Artisanal Food Stores

Add a little shine to your holiday gift baskets with iridescent cellophane wrap. With sheets or rolls of this sparkly wrap, your baskets will be as enticing as the goodies within. Cellophane also provides a great backdrop for printed labels!


holiday packagingChocolatiers

There’s no better holiday gift than chocolate, and Paper Mart’s candy display boxes are a great way to entice your customers to purchase more sweets. Designed expressly for candy, these boxes assemble easily and close snugly. The boxes come pre-assembled, and you can select either square or circle inserts during the ordering process. Once they arrive, all you have to do is arrange your sweets within!


Bead and Jewelry Stores

For many crafty gift givers, the holidays present an opportunity to create thoughtful, handmade gifts. To deliver those gifts safely to loved ones, a simple tin with a screw-top lid — and a pretty bow on top — makes a festive gift that keeps the handicrafts secure in transit.


Beauty Supply Stores

From travel size to full cans and bottles, beauty products are a favorite stocking stuffer. Slip matching sets of shampoos, soaps, and lotions into a muslin pouch to add a little allure for your customers on Christmas morning. The bags close securely with a double-knotted drawstring, and the opaque fabric keeps the contents a surprise. This simple yet stylish wrapping will up the ante for your beauty gifts this season.




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    Thanks for sharing such an informational Article. One thing we can count on is that the holiday season will be chaotic ad infinitum, getting crazier every year. So how does one tame the beast? Knowledge is power. It’s time to stop and analyze your packaging strengths and weaknesses.

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