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5 Brilliant Ideas for a Patriotic Fourth of July Store Display

With these Fourth of July display and décor ideas, your store will make a splash — from sea to shining sea.

Ideas for a Patriotic Fourth of July Store Display


As winter melts into spring and spring heats up into summer, everyone looks forward to a few seasonal delights, namely: the beach, barbeques, and the Fourth of July. If you’re a small business owner, that means it’s time to help customers get into the holiday spirit by decking out your store in all things red, white, and blue.

With a bit of creativity and competitively priced, high-quality products, you can get into the patriotic spirit — even with a modest budget. Want to get started? Check out our top tips for using simple packaging products to create your most patriotic Fourth of July store display yet.


1. Red, White, and Bows

A tried-and-true décor classic, ribbon isn’t just for wrapping up packages. This Stars & Stripes Patriotic Ribbon, available in three different styles featuring a red, white, and blue color palette, makes decorating your store a breeze. You can use ribbon to decorate display tables and cases by swirling the ribbon around items featured on the table or creating a skirt for the display. Alternatively, you can tie ribbon around door handles and light fixtures to add a pop of color.


2. DIY Sparklers

Create store displays that pack a punch with our Décor Mesh Tubing. With a little creativity, you can make these DIY Fourth of July sparklers to adorn your product display cases.

Our tubing is lightweight, flexible, and easy to work with. To make the sparklers, gather a bundle of red, white, and blue tubing, and attach to a center tube. Insert a dowel into the center tube so that the sparkler will stand on its own (you can even use a pencil if you’re in a pinch). Place your finished sparklers in a vase at your cash register or throughout your store for a full fireworks effect.


3. Balloon Blowout

Nothing says the Fourth of July like patriotic balloons. These Opaque Latex Balloons have a 15-hour float time, meaning you won’t have to worry about them deflating during your store’s holiday events. Incorporate balloons into your window display and throughout the store to liven up the shopping experience for customers. You can even keep a bunch at the register to hand out to children who come in with their parents.


4. Whose Broad Stripes…

Make a bold statement with Striped Cube Tuck Top Boxes. Available in red or blue stripes, these easy-to-assemble and sturdy tuck top boxes can be used to create platforms in your window display to exhibit your newest items. You can also use these boxes throughout your store as a display accent or to box up sales for customers.


5. And Bright Stars!

Use our vibrant blue star Washi tape and red star Washi tape to decorate signage for sales items or posters announcing upcoming events. You can even use it to tie Fourth of July balloons together or to create borders around your store windows.

If you thought decorating for the Fourth of July would put you into the red, think again. With these easy, affordable display and décor ideas, your store can be star-spangled — without breaking the bank!


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