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[Video] 4th of July Craft: DIY Patriotic Light-Up Windsock

We love adding pretty patriotic accents to our indoor and outdoor decor to celebrate the 4th of July. One of our favorite embellishments is this flowy windsock craft by Jenny from Origami Tree! It’s easy, fun, and the perfect sparkly 4th of July craft activity for kids. Here, Jenny shares how to create an easy DIY Patriotic Light-Up Windsock for your 4th of July celebration.

Easy, DIY Windsock Craft For Children

This patriotic craft uses a few easy-to-find household items with patriotic accents. It is easy enough for children to make and will be a great way to get the whole family involved!

Here Is What You’ll Need:

How to Make a DIY Windsock

To create this 4th of July craft, take a permanent marker and trace around the top portion of the bottle. Following the line, take a box cutter and carefully cut off the top. Repeat the same steps on the other end of the bottle. With both ends cut off, you are left with a nice cylinder.

4th of July craft

Next, draw a few dots with a permanent marker on one edge of the cylinder. Try to evenly distribute the dots along the inside perimeter edge of the cylinder. After that is complete, repeat the same marks on the opposite side of the cylinder.

4th of July craft

Stick glue dots inside the cylinder over each mark made earlier. Next, take the LED lights and place the start of the strand over one of the glue dots. Then string the rest of the lights through the cylinder. Continue to place the lights on the glue dots from the top to bottom of the cylinder. Try to alternate the placement of the LED lights to create a zigzag or diamond pattern.

4th of July craft

Once all the lights are secured, take the top of the bottle that was cut out earlier, flip it around and stick it inside the plastic cylinder. To make this part more secure, use a hot glue gun to glue it down. Then glue the battery packs for the LED lights on the top.

4th of July craft

Take the American flag ribbon and hot glue it so it completely covers the cylinder. Then take the silver star garland and secure it on both ends of the cylinder. After gluing the garlands on, cut the red, white and blue satin ribbons in strips about 40 to 45 inches long. Cut about three strips per color. Then glue the ribbon around the bottom perimeter on the inside of the windsock.

4th of July craft

Perfect 4th of July Craft

To be able to hang your 4th of July Windsock décor, use a hole puncher to evenly punch out three holes on the top of the windsock. Then take the twine and tie it through each hole. Be sure the check that everything is balanced before tying a knot on the very top.

4th of July craft

In just a few steps, a perfect 4th of July craft is complete! This DIY patriotic windsock fits perfectly in any environment. With its light-up feature, it is a great addition to your festivities while waiting for the fireworks!

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