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Summer Party Decorations for the Perfect Patriotic Celebration

Summer has three big holidays — Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day — and all of them provide a great opportunity to show off your patriotic spirit. Whether you host a big bash for just one or you plan a picnic or barbecue for all three, make sure you’re prepared with just the right patriotic summer party decorations to make your event a memorable one. With the right place settings, tableware, and some fun extras, you’ll create a red, white and blue feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach.

Summer Party Decorations


Welcome Guests with Summer Party Decorations

Make sure everyone knows where the party’s at! Adorn your mailbox and entryway with classic latex balloons in patriotic colors. You can attach them with narrow grosgrain ribbon in red or navy stripes to upgrade from curling ribbon. If your party is at dusk or after sunset, light the way from your driveway to the backyard with luminaries made from white paper bags. Just fill with a bit of sand and add a tea light. Now you have inexpensive and beautiful light for your evening event.

Set the Table

The beauty of a barbecue is that your guests are expecting you to bring out the plastic — no dish washing! Set your table with a festive mix of red, white and blue cutlery. You can wrap utensils in paper napkins and tie with a ribbon to create to-go packages for your picnic buffet, or simply place your cutlery in Mason jars and allow guests to choose their favorite colors. Don’t forget the paper plates to make cleanup a snap!

Stay Hydrated

When your guests arrive, hand them a cool drink in colorful paper cups. You can take these from ordinary to extraordinary by decorating them with washi tape before the big event. Simply add a ring of tape around the middle of each cup. You can get creative with stars, stripes, polka dots and more. Stack your cups so guests are surprised by your creativity when they choose one to fill with icy lemonade or an adult beverage. For a final thoughtful touch, provide red, white and blue paper straws for sipping.

Add Country Flair

If you’d prefer an old-fashioned angle to your decorating, summer is the perfect time to go a little bit country at your outdoor party. Use burlap or linen tablecloths for a more rustic feel at your picnic table. Mason jars make great vases for casual bouquets of wildflowers from the garden — or the grocery store. You can finish these with bows of red and blue striped natural ribbon. Swap white out for a natural linen shade, which is the perfect country detail to complete your theme.

Make Your Own Fireworks

No need to play with matches — you can still add sparkle and a burst of color by making your own fireworks-inspired decorations from decor mesh tubing. The tubes are made from woven metallic threads that catch the light and provide both strength and flexibility for crafting. To make your fireworks, use some scrap cardboard to make a donut-shaped pom pom maker. Thread tubing through the center hole and continue wrapping around the cardboard until it’s covered. Then use scissors to cut tubing around the outside edge of the cardboard. Gather your pieces of tubing in the center ring and tie with a short length of tubing. Then fluff them out to complete your fireworks. Thread a bamboo skewer through some additional tubing to make sticks. Next, tie your fireworks to the end if you’d like to insert them into flower arrangements.

Just Add Paper

Summer Party Decorations
Great summer party decorations don’t have to be expensive. Choose paper decor for a bright, festive touch that is lightweight on the scales as well as your budget. Hang large tissue paper pom poms from the porch ceiling or nearby trees to add a pop of color to your setting, or twist some wide paper garlands to use as bunting around your table and chairs. For nighttime fun, add battery-powered tea lights to accordion lanterns for a gorgeous glow over your whole event.

Send Them Home Happy

Don’t forget that a great party ends by sending guests home with more than just memories. You need some party favors, too! Fill red striped pillow boxes with candies, nuts or even trail mix if you’re working on an outdoorsy theme. You can also fill small, star-studded boxes with homemade cookies to enjoy the next day. If you made a dish that everyone just loves — but you don’t want to give up the recipe — invest in some take-out boxes and send your friends and family home with extra to savor for lunch or as an easy dinner — they’ll definitely thank you for it!
When it comes to summertime shindigs, patriotic summer party decorations are always a great choice. Paper Mart has everything you need to make your next barbecue or family reunion a smashing success. From tableware to party favors, all you need is a dash of creativity and a bit of can-do spirit to turn your next event into one for the record books.
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