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Tag: deco mesh

Deco mesh comes in a variety of colors and is a favorite for party decorations.  As it appears to be quite popular with Paper Mart shoppers, we’ve put together guides on decorating using deco mesh.

How to Make a Deco Mesh Bow

One of the easiest craft projects is making a deco mesh bow. Using basic deco mesh, a bead garland and ribbon, you can quickly make a stunning bow to decorate your hallway, bedroom or front door. Deco mesh is available in a variety of colors, so this bow can be made to match any décor perfectly.


For each bow, you will need some floral wire and at least 3 feet of ribbon.

You will need 2 feet of bead garland material and 6.6 feet of deco mesh. To cut and shape these materials, you should gather your yardstick, scissors, floral wire and wire cutters together.

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