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How to Make a Deco Mesh Bow

One of the easiest craft projects is making a deco mesh bow. Using basic deco mesh, a bead garland and ribbon, you can quickly make a stunning bow to decorate your hallway, bedroom or front door. Deco mesh is available in a variety of colors, so this bow can be made to match any dΓ©cor perfectly.


For each bow, you will need some floral wire and at least 3 feet of ribbon.

You will need 2 feet of bead garland material and 6.6 feet of deco mesh. To cut and shape these materials, you should gather your yardstick, scissors, floral wire and wire cutters together.

Getting Started

The first step in making your deco mesh bow is to spread out the 20 or 23 feet of deco mesh. Afterward, fold it in half and user your fingers to press it as flat as possible. From this point, fold one end over the other edge by about 20 inches. You want to have about 20 inches of material sticking out from either side to form a type of tail to the bow. In the middle of the two tails, you should fold the middle of the mesh over and over again to create a pile of 20-inch, layered segments.

Forming the Bow

At this point, you should have a pile of mesh with two tails sticking out from either side. In the middle, there should be an overlapping, folded pile of mesh. Within the middle section, use your fingers to pinch it together. To keep this part together, use floral wire to wrap it as tightly as possible. If you do not wrap it tightly enough, it will not look like a bow. Once you have wrapped the wire around it, use a ribbon to tie the bow as well so that the wire is hidden from view.

To make your deco mesh bow more attractive, you will want to add a smaller bow on top. Using your ribbon, use the same technique to make a second bow. With this bow, you will want to use 12-inch segments so that the finished ribbon bow is smaller than the mesh bow. Once this second bow is complete, use the extra wire from the small bow to attach it to the top.

Adding the Bead Strand

Your bow can be fluffed and placed on the wall as it is. To make it prettier, you can attach a bead strand to the dual bow. This is easily accomplished by using the floral wire or some of the ribbon from the second bow. Once you have added the bead strand, trim the ends of the ribbon into triangle shapes. Do the same thing to the deco mesh for a finished look.
To prevent the ends from curling in the future, attach a clip to the tips for the next day. After 24 hours have passed, fluff up the bow and arrange it to look the way that you want it to. From doorway wreaths to decorative staircase garlands, deco mesh bows can be used to beautify multiple locations in your home.

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