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Understanding the Different Styles of Ribbon

Ribbons are versatile items that no crafter should be without. Whether you need them to tie all of the pieces of a project together, or you want a crafty accent piece, ribbons are essential for many artisans. If you are new to crafting, then you might not realize there are more types of ribbons than just your standard fabric and poly choices. There are many styles to choose from, and which style is the right one to use will depend on your current project. Here are a few of the most popular ribbon styles you can find at Paper Mart.


Colorful Satin Ribbons

Shimmer with Satin

Aside from standard fabric ribbons, the second most popular choice is satin. What makes satin so favored is its versatility, color choices, and the slight sheen that makes it glisten, creating an eye catching accent. It is also flexible and water resistant, making it ideal for use with various children’s craft projects.

Velvet for High End Projects

If you are looking for a ribbon to accessorize an elaborate project, then velvet ribbons are what you want. This style of ribbon is popular for its plush texture and vibrant hues that exude elegance. Given its luxurious essence, it is best used as a part of supplemental decorations for holidays, birthdays, and other celebratory events.

Edge Projects with Grosgrain

For many experienced crafters, their favorite ribbon style is grosgrain. While inexperienced crafters may not usually enjoy using grosgrain, serious artisans prefer this style of ribbon for its thick horizontal fibers—this gives it enough elasticity for trimming and edging. Though stripes and polka dots are commonly featured on grosgrain, many are made with solid, bold colors that are ideal for children’s projects. Grosgrain is also a great choice for scrapbooks, collages, and ribbon wreaths because it is an inexpensive, hardy ribbon that seldom frays.

Elegance with Mesh & Lace

If you are putting together something for a high profile event, like a wedding, then mesh or lace ribbon will elevate any decor you create. These ribbons don’t have the durability of some of the other materials, but they add a delicate elegance for stunning displays. You can also use mesh and lace when adding accents to handmade clothes, as they enhance existing elements.


Mesh Ribbon

Organza for Standout Outfits

Organza is also popular with fashion designers creating clothing for special occasions. Like grosgrain, organza isn’t commonly used by amateur crafters; however, their utility is undeniable. This sheer, delicate ribbon has thin wire edges to help the ribbon hold the interesting shapes you choose to create. Even better, many styles of organza ribbons also have sequins or sparkles that make them ideal as clothing accessories or decorations for holiday gifts.

Time to Create

These are just a few of the ribbon styles that are popular around the world. When it comes to choosing the right ribbon, keep the needs of your project in mind. Get creative by mixing and matching different ribbons and explore each different ribbon type to create head turning pieces you’ll be proud of. Find all the ribbon styles you need at Paper Mart!

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