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How to Make a Mesh Garland

Deco mesh is popular among interior decorators and florists because it is so easy to work with. Known as sinamay mesh, this material is ideal for creating garlands. Since a standard deco mesh costs less than $2 for 10 yards, this material can easily be turned into a cheap, beautiful garland. For a garland that lasts throughout the year, use the following tips.

Gathering the Materials

To get started, gather some wire and pipe cleaners that can be easily cut with scissors. Aluminum floral wire works well, but make sure to pick a color that matches the deco mesh. In addition, make sure to buy at least one roll of deco mesh.

Deco Mesh Ribbon

Making a Deco Mesh Garland

Once the materials are together, the next step is to measure out the floral wire. You want this wire to be about double the length of the finished garland, so measure it carefully. Afterward, attach the pipe cleaners about 8 inches apart along the floral wire. If you want to attach the pipe cleaners more effectively, a hot glue gun can be used. It takes a bit longer to glue it and let it dry, so you only have to do this if you have the extra time.

When the pipe cleaners have been attached, take your mesh in hand. Bunch up the mesh like an accordion along the floral wire. At each pipe cleaner, use the twisted stem to secure the mesh to the floral wire. Continue to bunch up and attach the deco mesh between each pipe cleaner. Doing this will give your garland the puffy look that you are accustomed to seeing on garlands.

If you want your garland to have more depth, you can easily add more layers using the same steps. All you have to do is twist the pipe cleaners around the additional fabric. When you reach the end of the garland, loop the remaining end behind the pipe cleaner and attach it. This will make sure that the cut ends of the deco mesh are not visible to anyone looking at the garland.

If you have to take the garland down in the future, be careful about where you store it. Anything that is stored on top of the garland will remove the puffed up look of the mesh. If this happens, you can always add another layer on top to make it appear puffy again.

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  1. Sue December 26, 2018

    What is the best way to store your deco mesh garland??? I made a bunch of it this year and I know it will get somewhat smashed but I would love some insight on the best way to store it. Thanks

    • Emily at Paper Mart January 2, 2019

      Hi Sue,
      We wish we had better storage advice, but you can try to store them loosely in plastic containers to avoid it from getting smashed. You can also take apart the garland and roll up the deco mesh to be reused for next year. Hopefully, that helps. Thanks for your message and Happy New Year!

  2. Amanda L. December 7, 2018

    Approximately how much mesh do you recommend using to bunch together at each of the secure points along the garland?
    When creating a garland with multiple layers, do you recommend using the same secure points or offsetting/staggering new points in between the first ones?

  3. Millie Hue October 31, 2018

    Thanks for pointing out that putting anything on top of it will damage it. I will keep in mind to clear everything that might fall on it when I store it. I just needed to learn about this because I will be creating a Halloween decoration from a wire mesh. Now, I just have to buy some of these tomorrow.

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