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Retail Trend: A Mardi Gras Window Display

Looking to create a statement piece for Mardi Gras? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips on how you can create a Mardi Gras window display!

About Widow Displays: What Are They? Why Are Window Displays Important?

Window display advertising can be the first point of contact that potential customers can have with your business. For returning clientele, a retail display is a great way to help strengthen the relationship with your business and encourage returning business. 

Getting Festive With Your Window Display

If you’re looking to capture the feeling of a second line in New Orleans, our colorful selection of craft supplies and display essentials can help. Within our selection, we include items made of durable, quality materials able to withstand natural elements like sun exposure, wind, and more. Here, we’ve used deco mesh, peacock ribbons, grass sprays, and our Mannequin Madness dress form! 

Durable Window Display Supplies For Mardi Gras

  • Deco Mesh | We love using deco mesh to bring the drama and make a statement. It is available in many different colors and styles for every season, it is also easy to work with, and it maintains shape and volume easily. 
  • Ribbons & Trim | When it comes to Mardi Gras, go big and bold! We love the look of peacock or animal-print ribbons against glitzy metallics or sequins. Ribbons are an easy way to enhance and create a big impact. 

FYI! If you’re interested in dressing up your storefront for Mardi Gras, visit Mannequin Madness! They’ll be holding Mardi Gras Tree Classes twice a month until Mardi Gras on zoom. Use the promo code PaperMart15 for 15% off mannequins.

glamorous mardi gras display

How We Made Our Glamorous Gold Bodice

You’ll Need

How To Make Fashion-Forward Bodice With A Gold Lamѐ

1.) First, identify where you want the focal point of your bodice to be. We opted for a dramatic shoulder with the flower accent on the right shoulder.

2.) Next, position your fabric. Place your lamѐ fabric at the waist of your mannequin, opposite of where your bodice focal point will be. Since our flower accent will be on the left, we placed our fabric on the right side of our mannequin.

3.) After your fabric has been positioned, begin to form your bodice. Use your fabric ends to wrap and cover your mannequin torso in an upward motion, towards your focal point. While wrapping, alternate each piece – from front to back and back to front until your loose ends meet at the top of your focal point. 

4.) Secure the loose ends at the shoulder top with a simple double-knot and trim the tail ends in a rounded, scalloped pattern. Play with the tails of the knot so they lay and wrap around each other to form a flower accent.

5.) After your mannequin has been wrapped and your flower accent created, adjust the fabric as needed. Make sure the entire torso and chest area are covered completely. 

DIY Mardi Gras masquerade mask and choker accessories

Here’s How We Made Our Mardi Gras Mask & Necklace

For The Festive Mardi Gras Mask, You’ll Need

How To Make An Embellished Mardi Gras Mask

1.) Start personalizing your mask with an embellished edge. Use your hot glue gun to carefully adhere your gold sequin trim along the edge of your mask.

2.) Next, create your flair. Take a sprig of emerald grass spray and hold it firmly at the base with one hand. Using your free hand, carefully open your scissors and place a loose spray edge on top of the blade. In a swift motion, pull your scissor blade up and away from the spray base. As your blade moves along the spray surface, a curly structure should begin to form. Repeat with sprigs of your purple grass sprays. Cut the grass spray ends at different lengths for added dimension.

3.) Once your spray ends have been curled and cut to your liking, use your wire cutters to trim your spray handles down to approximately 1”. 

4.) After your spray ends have been trimmed, hot glue the spray handles to your mask interior. To achieve a chic asymmetrical effect, we focused on adding our flair to one side of our mask. 

5.) After your flair has been glued onto your mask, add a little sparkle with your gold star garland. Cut two 5” pieces of gold star garland and wrap them around your pencil to create a curly body.

6.) Once your star garland has been curled, nestle it within your cluster of flair and use your hot glue gun to secure. Repeat with the second piece of star garland. Once the glue is dried, your mask should be wearable and ready to celebrate Mardi Gras!

For The Sequin Choker Accent, You’ll Need

1.) Use a tape measure to get the neck circumference of your mannequin and subtract 1-1/2” from your final measurement.

2.) Take your scissors and trim your sequin trim accordingly. This will be the main body of your choker.

3.) Next, trim two 6” strips from your satin ribbon. These two strips will be your choker’s end ties.

4.) Use hot glue to attach one satin ribbon end tie to an end of your sequin trim. Repeat with the second satin ribbon.

5.) Wrap the sequin trim around the neck of your form with the satin ribbon ends at the back.  Tie a simple bow to keep the choker in place.

Retail Store Display Supplies At Paper Mart

Seasonal window displays can be made from the most unexpected materials. If you’re looking for window display supplies, check out our wide variety of craft supplies here!

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