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[Video] Budget-Friendly DIY Mardi Gras Tassel Garland

We’re suckers for a beautiful DIY decoration. To us, the most memorable celebrations are ones put together with a lot of clever budgeting and creativity. While expensive decorative pieces can be gorgeous, there’s a little more love put into budget-friendly items.

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Just in time for your next Mardi Gras theme celebration or masquerade party-in-a-box, let us show you how to handcraft one of our favorite decorative pieces using plastic table covers! Learn how to make this bright and colorful tassel garland here.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Tassel Garland

Note: A single table cover can make approximately 20 tassels.


How To Make Your Own DIY Mardi Gras Decorations:

  1. Using your plastic table cover and scissors, cut a 27” x 10” section. Fold in half.
  2. To make sure your tassel strips are even and uniform, take a ruler and place it just below the fold crease. Weigh it down with something heavy.
  3. Once your table cover is weighed down and secure, start trimming your tassels! In 1” sections, start from the bottom of your table cover and move your scissors upwards towards the crease. Stop when you reach your ruler.
  4. After you’ve made your tassel strips, unfold your table cover and smooth it out over your workspace.
  5. Create your tassel shape by rolling your cover lengthwise at the center.
  6. Once rolled, twist your tassels at the center to form a loop.
  7. Using your matching washi tape, secure the base of this loop.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 to create as many tassels as you want! Once you’ve finished your individual tassels, string them onto your metallic cord. Hang your garland and enjoy!


To customize a beautiful tassel garland, check out our Tableware Collection! Available in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find a table cover to coordinate with your next theme.

This super fun (and budget-friendly!) craft is the perfect way to decorate and get the Mardi Gras celebrations started. With a little creative know-how and a few inexpensive supplies, festivities are easy. Did you love this How-To? Then stay tuned. We’re looking forward to many more DIY videos, tips for small businesses and product features!


  1. Claudia J Diaz April 4, 2020

    So cool!

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